Made it through 200 reviews after procrastinating almost a week

I’d been doing my reviews regularly for over a month until Sunday. Then I got super busy for a day, depressed the next, and when I came back I had over 120 reviews to do. I was overwhelmed and felt like I wouldn’t remember anything so I just kept putting it off. After five days I finally built up the courage to get back onto WaniKani, put on some relaxing sounds, and plow through 200 reviews in a little over an hour! Ended up doing better than I thought with some weird mnemonics really sticking like a glued staple. Now to get back on track and move towards the next level


Good job! I am getting ready to plow through 172 reviews myself now^^

It went very well (I used to be lvl 26 before I reactivated the wrong account…
still learning though :innocent:)


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