I killed 460 Reviews - and you can do, too

Oh god - I was gone for quite some time and - BAM - 460 reviews waited for me. :dizzy_face: Before I used to do my Wanikani reviews every day. But as soon as I stopped (because life got super busy) it felt like a real chore to get back into it. When I opened WK again I had 240 reviews and then I just closed it because - no thank you! -
And I waited and hoped my problems would go away. (problems = reviews). God bless I got my shit together 3 days ago. I decided to finally sit down and work on my reviews.

I used Jakeipuu and worked on my reviews in batches of 30. If I didn’t remember something right away, it helped me to slowly learn the reading / meaning again without being overwhelmed by too many kanji. In between study sessions I always activated - vacation mode -!

So yes - I’m finally at 0 - 0 again.

It’s still not perfect as I made quite some mistakes - I guess that’s normal when you don’t do your stuff for some time. But I’m super grateful for the “recent mistakes” area in WaniKani. Repeatedly working on the things I got wrong, brings me up to speed nicely.

So…if you are in the same situation, don’t give up.
It looks like a huge mountain that can’t be conquered but believe me - every tiny session in between the day counts.


You can get used to doing a large amount of reviews aswell. I had no problem doing 450ish reviews every day when it was at most hectic. Not even counting kitsun SRS into that (have two other decks). You just get used to it.


Congratulations! Knocking out those reviews is quite an achievement!

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