I did it! Reached 0 reviews after a pile of 1700+ 😨

Phew! Hard work does pay off. After starting my first full time job after university and some motivational issues I rarely did reviews for about 10 months and now managed to be back at 0 reviews and a managable apprentice pile of 166. I was at least reading about one NHK easy news story for the last couple of weeks to try to get my motivation back step by step.

WaniKani really proved to me that the longterm learning works and I was able to keep a rate of about 50% correctly answered reviews in the beginning of my journey to about 75% now.

Resetting my level was never really an option because it would have disencouraged me by starting a decent amount of levels below my current one.

Whatever way you choose know that the kanji you learned will stay in your head with WaniKani. Some are easier to recall than others, of course. If I can do it, you can do it, too! :wink:


Kirino Kousaka would be proud of you


Nice job!


Wow - that’s impressive. Really well done for getting back on it - takes a serious effort ! :smile:

That’s awesome! Keep up the hard work.

It is so satisfying to see that zero after a long study session. :grinning:

Well done!!! I’m ploughing through 600 and it’s already difficult… I can only imagine the feeling of relief you’re feeling!

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Damn im amazed that many reviews can collect up. At least your back to learning. I really try to do at least one set of reviews per day on my phone even on the most busy days.

Great job!!! I just went through a stack of 1000 after 3 months of not reviewing, so I can’t imagine doing 1700 ;___;

Well done! :+1:t2:


Impressive! Congratulations!

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Hip hip hooray!!!

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Wow, that’s really awesome to hear! I’ve been floating around my 1000 reviews pile the past couple weeks after not using WK for a couple months. I manage to get it down to ~700 but they always come back! D: Did you do it all in one sitting, or did you do it over a couple of days?

give this man a thumb up! and a shield

Actually shook. I don’t think I could do what you did. I get nervous and seriously demotivated when I see 200 reviews on my list…

I’m in a similar (but smaller boat) of just over a 1000 :frowning:
Any tips? I look at it and I just think - how the hell am I going to do this?
Did you just smash them out over a day or two? Or did you you pace yourself and set yourself goals or something?

guess how many you will have tomorrow lol

You are a hero!

Thanks so much! I did them over several weeks. That is why I don’t have a huge pile of reviews now. It is actually back to normal for someone on my level. :wink:

If you keep doing about a hundred reviews per day you will slowly but surely make it. I would not recommend doing them all over a couple days as the review pile will stack up too quickly again.

I look forward to all the new lessons I can finally begin!