I can't believe I binged the 900 Reviews

I lost my drive to do WaniKani about a month ago and the reviews stacked up until 900. It took me two days to finish everything and had to pause here and there cause even if I remembee the reading, I can’t freaking remember the meaning of the kanji! This also happened the other way around. I wanted to laze around again but I figured that I’d be wasting another 10 bucks if I didn’t do anything this month.

On that note, I’d just like to say that I could’ve handled it better if I leveled the reviews to a couple of days as for better retenetion and weight, but I simply wanted to see that clean dasboard again.


Way to go! Just don’t lose hope again when they all return to your review pile in the next few days…

I’m cheering for you!


Good job! You’ve got a clean slate again so keep it up!

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You’re so strong!
I just zeroed my reviews from only around 70-150 and it took around 2-3 days.
I think I needed two weeks to zero my reviews from 550.



Gee, thanks! I literally had to sit in front of the computer for at least six hours just so I could clean the dashboard. And when I did, Lessons piled up and so that’s another stack :relieved:

Yes, I’m trying my best to keep my pace at one level per week since that’s how I usually do it before. But for now I’ll think of making my pace a lighter load so I won’t get sick of the staggering reviews when they pile up.

Yes! Thank you!

Wow well done!! I just reset to level 1 from 17 because I couldn’t face 900 reviews, I’d been trying to chip away for a few weeks and failing miserably… Hopefully it won’t take too long to work my way back :confused:


You can do it! I will be rooting for you! Burn those turtles!!

:clap::clap::clap: 凄い頑張り屋 :clap::clap::clap:

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