Lost regular badge?

So I tried to move a thread’s section and found I’m no longer able to.
I checked and I don’t have the Regular badge anymore. Some other users I remember having it no longer do, though they haven’t been active lately.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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I got kicked out of that club last summer when work got real busy.

stares sadly into the distance

I miss the laxative jokes


Unlike member status, you can lose regular status – regular status is defined by requirements measured from the last 100 days:


Huh, way trickier than I imagined. I wonder in which of these criteria I have displeased the Crabigator.


I’m guessing the read 25 percent of topics one? Or have you been stingy with your likes?

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I was actually surprised by the requirements, I didn’t realize I do all of that on a regular basis :see_no_evil:


I didn’t even know rankings were a thing, probably because my sect title covers it up.


No kidding, now I’m afraid of losing my regular badge D:


You can also click on someone’s avatar to pull up their user card and their trust level status will be in the bottom left (i.e. Member, Regular, Leader)

I had no idea I did all this on a regular basis. Now I’m curious what it takes to be a Leader.

It’s probably reading 25% of all posts. I can’t keep up with those threads with thousands of posts.

frantically reads and comments on everything :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


I… don’t actually think I do all those things on a regular basis. Do I need to be writing someone a nice thank you note for taking pity on me?


Leaders can only be manually appointed, that’s why you’ll only see Koichi and Viet (and any other admins) with leader trust status on here

It’s not that your sect covers it up, even if you have no sect name you have to choose to display your regular status. Don’t change your title though, you can’t change back to your sect name if you do.

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It’s all capped though :thinking: That would mean you only need to read 5 new thread and 200 posts per day.

That being said, I remember Koichi said somewhere they made it harder to reach the higher thrust level, so you may need a bit more.


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