Losing connection / full api access

I do my reviews and lessons on the train / tube in London. A problem is that if I lose mobile signal half way through the initial lesson reviews, I lose all my hard work at those lessons, which is terribly frustrating.

Does the api have enough functionality so that it would be possible (in principle) to write a website or app that provides lessons and reviews (and does not lose state when it loses connection)?

Or I wonder how hard or possible it might be for Koichi to upgrade the official website not to lose state.

We have lousy wifi where we live which cuts out a lot, so I have taken to always hitting the ‘wrap-up’ clock during reviews to minimise losses…

I use the Android unofficial WaniKani app sometimes, but I don’t think it’s being maintained. Are you using that?

It should be possible to write a new app that actually sorts the reviews the way that certain GreaseMonkey scripts do. I just installed Ultimate Reorder and it has the ability to order the reviews into 1x1 mode, with reading followed by meaning.

@Rowena: It sounds like you’re using a browser, so you could try using the script:

A side-benefit is that this can save you time while doing reviews.

Anyway, the existence of the reorder script means it should be possible to build a mobile client to do the same thing.

EDIT: I checked the Android app, and it has a setting called “Single button”. Show “1” button, to enable item by item mode (reading and meaning are next to each other). I haven’t used it before, but it might do what I described.

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to install any of the user-scripts on my tablet, which I use most of the time for WK (I have installed several on the desktop, so not complete ignorance on my part, but I should write a post requesting help at some point…)

If it’s a tablet, I don’t know of good ways to install user-scripts either. As far as I know, the Chrome phone and tablet browsers don’t support extensions, but Firefox might be able to support add-ons for Android (but not iOS).

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I’m asking because I didn’t notice that button for a long time: are you aware of the wrap-up button? That way, your risk is at least limited. You would only lose 10 items at a time, not your entire review session.

When I’m on my laptop, I always use a script to order the items so that reading & meaning are combined and there is nothing to be lost because an item is done and processed immediately.

Thank you all for the comments and suggestions. I use the mozilla browser on my android phone, which lets me install tampermonkey and user scripts. Reordering has been a big help so I don’t lose half completed reviews. I also find it very helpful to get apprentice reviews done first

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