Lesson Reorder on Mobile? (iOS)

I’ve been using Tsukurame on the iPhone to do WaniKani on the go. It’s really great because it’s not just opening a webpage in an app, it actually is a full app. I have access to an override feature, and it provides statistics like when new reviews are coming up and such. So those scripts are taken care of.

But one script I really like that I have not found a way to do on mobile iOS is the reorder script. When I level up I like to do the radicals and kanji soon so that I can get that started, since it takes a few reviews before you unlock the kanji or vocab that uses them. I usually just go to my computer, but that’s not always an option. Is there any possible way to reorder on iOS? I know some people had mentioned that you can install scripts on Firefox mobile but it doesn’t seem to allow that on iOS. Is there a different WaniKani app that does it? Anything that will allow me to reorder on mobile iOS would be nice.


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Yeah unfortunately you can’t get userscripts on mobile for iOS, the Firefox fix works on Android – I would just keep refreshing the lesson page until I got the radicals/kanji into the lesson batch if I had to do them on the go :upside_down_face: I was using the AlliCrab app, that one doesn’t have reorder built in either

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I second this request (and I also second the love for Tsurukame).


Doesn’t it just give you the same ones every time? I thought they were in a specific order.

They’re in order by ascending level + subject by default, that way you see the previous level’s vocab before seeing the new level’s radical and kanji

It used to just be shuffled, you can set it to shuffled in the settings as well, so refreshing would randomize it until I had a satisfactory amount of radical/kanji in the current batch :durtle_the_explorer:

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Hmm, that’s unfortunate. Wish there was a way to change it.

Tsukurame has an option to change the order of reviews, wish it could be implemented for lessons. But I checked out his thread and there’s a lot of people requesting different things, so idk if or when this would get added.

I did read somewhere that it is possible to create a bookmark that can do on Chrome. I think it’s a bookmarklet. I was about to try it now but I have to figure out the proper code and I need to leave for work so maybe I can figure it out tonight. I’m not completely sure it would even work, but it’s worth a try.

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Wait a minute. I think I just got it to work! I’m not sure which mobile browsers support this but I did it on Chrome. Basically you have to copy this link and create a new bookmark and paste it in the URL section.

WaniKani Reorder

This might be a slightly different reorder script than you use but basically it just adds a button where you press “Radicals and Kanji first” and those will appear before vocab. You have to start the lessons and then press the bookmark. It didn’t change the very first one in the lesson, but all the other items in the lesson got changed(I have my lessons set to 10 items).

If you want to do this with a different script, the basic process is you have to go to the page for the script, and go to the code and copy all of it. Then find a bookmarklet creator (I just googled a website) and it converts all the code into a link. Then you can paste it as the url for a bookmark.

It’s not the perfect solution, but it is definitely a working solution.


That‘s genius! I use something like that to look at the html code of webpages on my phone. Works in safari on ios.

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