Looks like Apple killed userscripts in Safari?

Last night I updated to the latest version of Safari on macOS and at the end of the process it said 3 of my extensions were no longer compatible. To my shock and horror I realized that TamperMonkey was one of them - crappity-crap-crap-crap! Trying to reinstall it just kept linking me to the Mac App Store where apparently all Safari extensions must now come from. I mean I get it - from a security standpoint third party userscripts are asking for trouble, but come on Apple - you could have given me some warning!

Since I neeeeeed my scripts for WaniKani, I just downloaded Firefox and installed the scripts there. So now I’ll use Firefox for WaniKani and Safari for everything else - the only minor annoyance being for some reason WaniKani’s interface colors on Firefox are noticeably brighter and harder to look at, especially the Apprentice pink.

I really much prefer Safari though, for a lot of reasons. Has anybody else run up against this with the latest version and maybe found a workaround?


I think it’s everyone using Safari 13. Looks like it’ll be a while until Tampermonkey is supported on Safari again.


So he is working on a new extension - there’s hope at least! :pray::crossed_fingers:


I’m in the same situation: Firefox for Wanikani, Safari for everything else.

While this is really inconvenient for us end users, I can’t blame Apple. They announced the new platform for ‘Safari App Extensions’ back in June, 2016. Developers had more than 3 years to move to the new Safari App Extensions. I’m a developer as well, so I can understand the frustration of moving and adapting to new platform/technologies. There was ample time, however. Taking a look into github, there wasn’t much priority put into the extension for Safari browser until now. If only Violentmonkey would come in and save the day for Safari users…


Dang, I was intending to warn people not to upgrade to Safari 13 but searched first

It is too late

Wish I had read this first :frowning:

Welp, back to Firefox for the time being

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An update from derjanb:


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I can blame WK for their over-dependency on other people developing userscripts.

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That’s not really what we’re discussing here, but I agree to some extent.


UPDATE: According to the developer, TamperMonkey for Safari 13.x has been submitted and is in review :crossed_fingers:

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Tampermonkey is now available for $1.99 on US App Store. Worth. It.


Sweet! Purchased. Thanks for letting us know.

There are still some problems with it. For example, the list of installed scripts will not load in the dashboard, causing the dashboard to be unusable. He’s aware of the issue and seems to be working on a fix.

UPDATE: He fixed the dashboard issue, but after the update none of my scripts would run. Turns out the Semantic-Phonetic Composition script was blocking all of them.