iOS 15 will support Safari extensions?

I’m reading that iOS 15 will support Safari extensions just like on Mac. Makes me wonder if Tampermonkey and user scripts in general will finally be able to work on iPhone and iPad.

Anyone who’s tried the iOS 15 beta have any knowledge on this?


My understanding is that there is nothing technically preventing making a script manager extension, with the possible exception that I don’t know if Safari extensions are click to run on IOS, which would be inconvenient. However, Apple policy is generally unfriendly to anything that lets people run other peoples’ code in a way that does not go through the app store, which is true of script managers. So I’m not sure if an app providing such an extension could get approved.

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Tampermonkey is approved in the Mac Safari App Store. So if it’s the same store it might be allowed?

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The current implementation of TamperMonkey requires persistent background pages, and for iOS extensions persistent background pages must be set to false.

Here’s the issue on Github.