Mac Safari 13 - Userscripts extension on App Store

Is anybody using the Userscripts extension/app on Safari 13 to run WaniKani scripts ?

I’ve had lots of people yelling at me to use various scripts…and they do seem interesting.

It looks like all the advice is to use Tampermonkey - but it hasn’t been updated and only runs on Safari up to version 12 (if my analysis is correct).

I am not willing to move to any other browser…so please don’t suggest or tell me to try or do that as another alternative…and please don’t ‘Mac-hate’ me…please.

On Reddit is says… “It’s really basic compared to the likes of Tampermonkey, but it’s on the App Store today and does what it says on the tin.”

It’s also to do with the point that .safariextz support has gone in Catalina Mac OS.

I’ll write separately to Tampermonkey, to ask when they will have Tampermonkey up on the AppStore.



It seems the Tampermonkey developer is working on an update, this is from 3 days ago:

The new Safari seems to enforce a stronger security policy, and frankly the userscript managers are a security nightmare because they execute arbitrary code.


thanks. looks like it will be a while before Tampermonkey comes to Safari 13… oh well.

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I’m a bit late to this conversation, but I just updated Safari to version 13 so I just now ran into this issue. It looks like Tampermonkey is now (or since October) available from the Mac App store. Unfortunately it now costs a little money. Not much, though. Worth for those who want to use Safari. I’m still on Mojave, but it looks like it should run in Catalina as well.

Just putting this out there so people don’t get the idea from this thread that it’s now impossible to run scripts on Safari. There’s also a free app called “Userscripts” available at the Mac App store, but from what I can see, it requires javascript knowledge to get existing scripts to work, so I’ll give it a pass. For now, I may go back to Firefox for WaniKani since the Reorder Ultimate script never looked right in Safari anyway.

FYI, I use Tampermonkey on Catalina with Safari 13 sometimes. It mostly works but it’s rather buggy. It has trouble if you go to Wanikani too quickly after opening Safari. Same if you navigate too quickly between pages that use scripts.

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Thanks. That’s useful info.

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Just wanted to chime in that I’ve been using the paid app store version of Tampermonkey on Mac Safari 13 and it’s working great. My laptop is a bit old and Chrome drains my battery very fast, so I’m happy to use WaniKani on Safari.