Looking to level down

I’ve been looking to level down from 10 to 9 or so, and have sent in a few requests. It says I should get a confirmation email but I never do. I have also tried emailing Wanikani for assistance but have yet to receive a reply after a few days. Any suggestions? I have basically given up because I got so far behind with level 10, and would love to start over from 9 ASAP but can’t seem to get in touch with the assistance team.

You can level down yourself now, by going into your settings menu and choosing Danger Zone from the tabs along the top

Yes but in order to do that, you will have to click a link in a confirmation e-mail (which is a good thing, that mail did stop my from resetting once). If you are not receiving that mail, you are out of luck. I think this is what this thread is about.

@Dan642 I guess you checked your spam folder and are sure you can receive e-mails? The WaniKani stuff ist usually very responsive and helpful, maybe something is off with your e-mail provider/settings/something? Have you tried changing the e-mail address in the settings to some other address at another provider? Maybe that fixes it.

I just requested a reset e-mail right now, just to test it and it worked fine, I received the mail immediately.

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Presumably you double checked which email you have input, tried checking the spam/adjusting the spam settings already, right?

Regarding why WK might not have responded to your direct question yet, it’s the weekend.

Yeah I have checked all of my email folders multiple times, I always get the wanikani receipts in my regular folder so it leads me to believe it should go there anyways!

I’ve tried to send and resend the confirmation probably 10 times now. I emailed wanikani probably 4 days ago. Any recommended course of action?


Well, as I said, if it was me I would change my WaniKani email address to a different address at a different provider and see if that works.

I know this doesn’t answer your question, but maybe worth considering if it’s worth all this effort to go back one level? The WK method doesn’t really rely on you keeping up at all times - if you’re feeling overwhelmed you have the option of taking a break from lessons, and going through your review queue at a steady and reasonable pace. SRS will take care of anything you’ve forgotten.


you do not need to reset for just one level !
Just do your reviews and slow your pace

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That’s true. Here is what the crabigator would have told you in that e-mail:

Before you go mashing the big red button, think on this:
Resetting your account will delete all lessons, reviews, notes, synonyms, and data from level 12 and above. (You’re currently level 13, in case you’re wondering.)
This data will be gone forever and no one will be able to get it back for you.

Most people reset their accounts because they’re feeling overwhelmed. It is possible to chip away at your review queue and let SRS balance everything out if you’re having doubts about this reset.

I did recently want to reset two levels down because I felt overwhelmed but after this email, I did instead do nothing but reviews, no lessons for a while. It worked out OK - I’m not completely done yet but I don’t feel the need to reset anymore.

Most modern email accounts have a ‘whitelist’ feature, where you can tell your mail server not to mark email from certain addresses or servers as spam. On my own account, I’ve whitelisted tofugu.com and wanikani.com.

If it still doesn’t arrive after whitelisting, maybe ask your email provider if they can check their server log to see if their server saw the incoming email. (Of course, not all email providers have decent support. Mine happens to have fantastic support, but it’s also a paid account)

Hi Dan!

We’ve been responding to your all of your emails, but it doesn’t look like you’ve been receiving them. If you could follow the advice of this thread and please whitelist wanikani.com and make sure to check your spam and promotions folders that should help them get through.

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