Looking for Help with resetting Wani-Kani

Hello everyone!
I am trying to reset Wani-Kani to a previous level. I am coming back to Wani-Kani after a long absence and I want to go back to an earlier level so it is not so overwhelming. I went to settings and clicked “send a reset confirmation email” multiple times but I have not received the email at the registered address.
I have checked and the message is not in my spam folder. I do not have any blocked email addresses either so it should be coming through.
Can anyone help me reset my level please?
Thanks in advance!

I’d try emailing the tofugu team to get more direct help with your issues. :eyes: (other users on the forum can’t really do anything about your account/subscription): hello@wanikani.com

Mind that it’s the weekend, so they might not be as quick to reply on a Saturday.

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I’ll try that thanks!

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