I did the thing and reset to level 2, but the emails I am getting are for the wrong level?

I bought Wanikani lifetime 4 years ago. After 8 months in I stopped my studying to finish my PhD in an unrelated field, and never picked it up again.

With thousands of reviews, I decided to reset to level 2 the other day. I am really impressed at how much I recall.

I made it to level 3 today and Koichi sent me an email “Nice job getting through Level 1! Thanks to your hard work, here you are sitting at Level 2!”

I don’t understand this. I’m level 3. Why does the email say I just reached level 2?

Does this mean if I ever hit level 60 that I won’t get my level 60 email?


Firstly, welcome back!

I’m afraid I’ve never encountered your specific trouble before. Because it is likely a rare occurrence, I would suggest contacting wanikani directly. They will probably be able to tell you much more accurately why this happened and what the (possible) consequences are.

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The emails are a bit wonky for everyone


Last month I got an email that started like this

Level 60: You… You Did it.

You just got to Level 60, Darcinon

It’s only about 3 years late


Well, they only started sending them out last month


You could try turning the setting for if you want to receive wanikani emails off and on again and see if anything happens. It supposedly worked for some people who weren’t getting the emails a while ago.

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This worked for me today. I never got the email when I went from 34 to 35, but when I leveled up to 36 yesterday, I got the email for level 35. Turned the setting off and back on and got my new email within a couple of minutes. :slight_smile:

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