Can I get some support?

I’ve been away from WaniKani for about two years. Signed up for premium again on January 3rd, and couldn’t make sense of anything at my level because I’ve been away so long.

I tried to reset my level back to the start, it said it sent a confirmation to my email address but it didn’t come through, it’s not in my spam folder either.

After about ten times trying to resend the email I decided to contact WaniKani support though the online form - no response.

On the 12th I sent an email to, listed on the contact page - no response.

Is anyone out there? I haven’t been able to use the site at all since I paid because frankly I’ve forgotten absolutely everything.

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Strange. Your email might have got lost in the weekend. Happens to me sometimes. Or maybe there is something funky up with your email. :S @anon20839864?

Yeah it’s really strange, I’d hate to think Outlook is filtering out emails without giving me a chance to view them. The website always says “email sent to [my email address]” but when I check that account, every folder, there’s nothing.

send a message every day until they respond? I’m sure it is just getting lost in their inboxes somewhere. Alternatively, tag them in here?

I’ve tagged Kristen. However, wanikani is on PST time, and it’s like 3 in the morning there right now. Maybe if we wait a half day they might have a chance to see this thread.

Hi Athenry,

We’ve been responding to your emails but it doesn’t seem like you’re receiving them. I’ll pm you with more information.


Same thing here with regards to response. Where did you go to reset your level?

Searched the forum for you and I think you shoot an email to

Yep. Done several times now. I used to be able to find it in settings but I don’t see it. Thanks!

Found it! in the settings at danger zone


Thanks, I’ll remember that!

Edit: May I ask why you’re resetting and to what level?

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I set it back down to 6 because I was not really paying attention while talking care of a gravely il friend. I had accumulated over 300 reviews and just couldn’t deal with it. Too bad it set me back to both 45+ lessons and reviews. I’m really not happy about that. But I’ll live. :confused:

I’m sorry about your friend and your WK reviews. I just had a busy time, myself and was wondering if I should reset or soldier on. Good luck with the reset! Hopefully, it’ll be smooth sailing for you this time around.

I think you meant 42+


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