Looking for specific japanese resources

Hey guys,
I recently came back to Germany from a half year Japanese course in Tokyo and want to continue my study. What i lack the most is a resource i can watch or listen to that is interesting to me.
Things i don’t want to use are books, manga or super informative stuff like news or simple podcasts. I lose track of these things pretty easy because its kind of boring to me. (personal opinion)

So I’m looking for fun resources to use like youtube channels, series or something like this. Maybe something about games?
What do you guys use? Feel free to share the cool stuff :smiley:
Thank youuuu

If you want video games, you may be able to find something of interest here:

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Someone’s shared this with me not along ago. It contains videos of people playing minecraft with subtitles in both Japanese and English .

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I definitely take a look at it after work. Thanks (:

GameGengo, vtubers, bunch of japanese game channels, Netflix should have a bunch of stuff in Japanese, etc.


+1 for Game Gengo. I miss his FF7 remake videos. They were the best but I have watched them too many time.

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I found a steam page where a bunch of dubbed games are listed. Definitely take a deeper look on that later.
Almost all game recommendations are for console or are games where you have to read everything what is not really what I’m looking for.
Anyways i got something useful so thank you very much :smiley:

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Well you could wishlist Nihongo Quest N5 and Shujinkou on Steam.

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If you like Pokemon, you could play it in Japanese. I think the level is relatively low, and you don’t really have to read almost anything.

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I actually bought the smaragd edition for my gameboy advance sp in japan/akihabara. Is on my list :smiley:

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A couple good podcasts (more daily life stuff than anything, but both have transcripts which is great for studying):

Not sure if this is up to date, but a list of games on Steam with full JP support:

A few suggestions of recent games:

These youtubers’s live playthroughs seem good:

If you like watching anime or movies and are up for a challenge, I also recommend “Language Learning with Netflix” and watching any Netflix anime you can find with Japanese subtitles.

And one step past that would be to get Japanese subtitles for series where those are not on Netflix from kitstunekko (or elsewhere) and apply them to downloaded content using VLC or similar app or to streaming content with a plugin like Subtital. That’s my number one way of full immersion lately. I use Subtital with Crunchyroll and generally only stop and look up words if I don’t get the gist of the dialogue.


Series like, tv shows? You can watch Japanese shows on rakuten viki. Most of cheesy love stories though lol.


I actually can’t watch Japanese TV in general. In my opinion its mostly cringe and overdone. My girlfriend used to watch it sometimes so thats already more then enough >_<
If there are some shows on Netflix or something you can recommend, i might be in (:

Wow that’s quite a lot. I will take a deeper look into it soon. Thank you (:

Old enough/初めてのおつかい
Kotarou lives alone/コタローは1人暮らし
Samurai Gourmet

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In addition to the ones @Kazzeon mentioned, for non-anime I really liked:
“Midnight diner” and “Midnight diner: tokyo stories” – a little over-the-top with some of the characters, but mostly feels very real, and the food is awesome!

Unfortunately none of the other series they had really worked for me, though “Terrace House” is pretty popular if you like low-key throw strangers together type reality shows – if nothing else, it’s really good listening practice as all the conversations are unscripted “real” Japanese.

A couple movies I liked no longer seem to be available on US Netflix (not sure what you get in Germany, so I’ll mention anyway):
“Tuna Girl” – definitely cringe-worthy at times, but very uplifting and an interesting insight into fishery in Japan
“Nobody Knows” – SUPER emotional, watch with tissues
“Like Father, Like Son”

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not even anime?

It would be my recommendation since I also dont like reading manga or anything actually (I get lost in a single page easily).

it is good because you can increase reading speed to follow the action on screen.

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There is so much to read out there that i have no problems to find anything. I’m playing games on my gameboy in Japanese for example but i need to progress my kanji knowledge as well.
The thing i want to improve on right now is listening and anime are mostly different to the usual spoken language. Also Emotions and Meanings get more clear if you watch real people react instead of drawn characters.

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For longest time I was struggling for similar, finding interesting content so that I keep doing it.

For now, I have few items:
-I watch fairly plenty Japanese movies and shows, and I try to follow along the talk even though I have subtitles enabled
-I have Japanese TV subscription, so fairly often I have it on the background, sometimes watch news
-I finally found few manga I like, I’m reading those
-Really struggled to find good anime to watch. Kimetsu to the rescue
-Just started Persona5 (finally on xbox), I’m doing my best to follow the dialogue (with english subtitles)

All those combined, I’m slowly progressing. Plus wanikani helps a lot, makes watching TV much easier as I can “cheat” by looking at the subtitles.


I wonder if i should give japanese TV a secound chance just to let it run in the background. Maybe not a bad idea.
Thanks (:

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