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Hello WaniKani users. As an 11 year old learner, I am trying to gather numerous Japanese learning resources. I do understand I have to be consistent with WaniKani , but in my believes you also need to integrate Japanese activities you are a fond of in your day to day life. If you can recommend ANY apps, shows, videos and fun practices go ahead! I do accept harsher and unfriendly exercises if they help, as I do have experience with languages and learning them with brute force, like German and English (I am a native Romanian :3).


Oh btw things I enjoy are debating topics, gaming and the internet.

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Have you taken a look through this thread?

For gaming, YouTube lets plays (keyword 実況プレイ) probably would be up your alley?


Thanks a lot. I have scrolled through the list, but I wanted to see if other, more experienced and respectable learners can call out the best of them and add additional ones too. I planned to see people’s opinions and then download the most recommended. Thanks A LOT for the YouTube channel by the way! :smiley:

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I’ve heard good things about the youtube channel Game Gengo, haven’t watched any of his videos myself though (I really should though, I also love gaming)

Here are my personal favorite resources just in general :slight_smile:

  • Natively → a site for checking how difficult Japanese books are to read and tracking your reading progress. seriously, I highly recommend this site
  • Bunpro → great grammar reference site. the SRS part is paid but the grammar explanations are free
  • Comprehensible Japanese → youtube channel with easy-to-understand listening practice. Not sure how advanced your listening skills are, so if this is too easy, maybe check out these Tofugu articles about Beginner and Intermediate podcasts
  • Wanikani book clubs. Seriously, join the book clubs. They’re what jumped me from a perpetual beginner to actually being able to read things

Thanks you a lot! I will be sure to download the apps and check them out and join the book club. I am a bit intimidated of the idea of reading things, but it’s key to being good at a language.

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I’m not that older than you, so this may help:
What I do is listen to Japanese music I like and try to be able to keep up with it in my head, and then learn kanji/grammar/vocab from it.
I go to Tofugu, read lots of articles, and look at the numerous resources pages.
I also try to find textbooks online (I don’t think it’s illegal, so…)
I read manga I’ve already finished and watch anime I’ve already finished in Japanese, sometimes with JP subtitles and others with EN sub. (I never watch dub.)
I search the internet for resources, and use any one I can find. Toucan Language Learning (the free version) and StudyKanji: Japanese Kanji Flashcard Quiz are good resources also.
It’s useful since it has all the kana, and the JLPT kanji organized in sections.
I also watch からめる and Sora The Troll. Some of からめる’s videos have speaking in Japanese, and you can turn on the subtitles. Sora The Troll is in Japanese with English subtitles.
If I think of anything else, I’ll add it here. OK bai

EDIT 1: Also, play a video game with Japanese sub/dub (I play Genshin Impact, and sometimes I use the JP voiceovers, or I change the text to Japanese. I also write most of my pins in the game in Japanese.)


Thank you a lot for the advice. I will follow what you said, I also think learning Japanese through music is very helpful, I didn’t do it by now because it’s a tedious task to gather words and Kanji you don’t know.
I will download or enter the websites you’ve commended, and also set my Genshin Impact language to Japanese. :3 Bai


Here are some sites I think can be good for beginners.


If you want to use music, you can always start with JP → EN sub videos and try to figure stuff out, or just have an idea of what the song is about.

There’s a lot of good lyric sites like https://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/global/


You might find something interesting here. ^>^


I possibly recommend Japanese from Zero.
Doraemon is a fun program for watching and listening. You might also like Conan.

If you like some brute force, try the Tango N5 book to get you started and then move on to their N4 vocabulary book.

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11 years old? You sound really mature and your english is great too. Best of luck with your study!

Still new-ish on WaniKani, but I’ve been studying japanese on an off for a couple years.

I personally like to go through one article of NHK easy news every night before bed. It’s all in furigana, all short articles (usually 3 small paragraphs), and I can usually find something interesting to read.
I like to use it as a benchmark for my general understanding, but even with very little, it can be a good help to internalize sentence structure and general grammar.

Also, I’ve been making good use of YomiChan. Mostly use it as a faster way of translating words that are giving me trouble.

Wishing you the best of luck, wish I started that young :smiley: My brain doesn’t learn as quick as it used to.

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I checked out the music website, it is very helpful, will use!
And the Japanese conjugation practice page I will most certainly use since conjugation is really important in conversations and grammar. Thanks!


Really helpful stuff! If you want to speak it is only natural to hear someone speak. Thanks a lot for the link, I WILL be using it. :*


does anyone know any online text comprehension tools?

I will not renew my bunpro subscription because keeping two srs became a lot for me

so I think it would be good to change things and text comprehension, I mean those texts with multiple choices answer would be a good start

I know they are in books but since I would do them while at free lunch time at work, no good to have a book in there, online would be great

You could read Crystal Hunters as it’s a manga that teaches Japanese and currently has 6 volumes. First volume is free. (Japanese natural version is the harder version so make sure to pick the easier version.)

Not sure if you are into video games or if your country has Steam, but you could wishlist Nihongo Quest N5, Shujinkou, and Koe 声 on steam. These three are all Japanese language learning video games in development.


I just realized I misread your post. I thought it said you’ve been learning for 11 years, not that you’re 11 years old. So I didn’t recommend any absolute beginner textbooks, my bad. But I still recommend the things I mentioned :smiley: Here’s some other things I used when starting out:

My first resource that I actually stuck with was Human Japanese (it’s an app but written like a textbook). They explain the grammar really well, and it’s very affordable compared to some other textbooks. My main problem with it is that they avoid kanji for far too long imo, but if you’re using Wanikani that won’t be an issue.

There is also the youtube channel Japanese Ammo with Misa. I found her very helpful with clearing up grammar and vocab I didn’t understand

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Hey! I appreciate you recommended manga, since I am into it. Also, I will read some spoiler-free reviews of Nihongo Quest and the other games and maybe buy some, since Christmas is arriving soon and my wishlist is pretty much blank.:sweat_smile:

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