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Hi! I’m looking for websites where I can look up what the pitch accent of a certain word is. I don’t think I have too much trouble understanding it from the vocals on wanikani but at rare times I find them ambiguous, and would like to be certain that I’m learning it correctly right away, so I don’t have to rewire my brain later on. More audio recordings could also be another helpful resource to me. Thank you!

https://jotoba.de is just like jisho.org, but also contains pitch accent information.

I also recommend getting the Yomichan browser extension, which has a freely available pitch accent dictionary.

OJAD also has several useful tools for pitch accent, like this page: http://www.gavo.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ojad/search/index/sortprefix:accent/narabi1:kata_asc/narabi2:accent_asc/narabi3:mola_asc/yure:visible/curve:invisible/details:invisible/limit:20

EDIT: Oh, also if you have an iPhone the Midori app has pitch accent data.


There’s also a pitch accent userscript you can use for the ones on wanikani that you occasionally find ambiguous: [Userscript] WaniKani Pitch Info


… and If you want to hear natives pronouncing words…


and if you want words pronounced in a sentence Improve your Japanese pronunciation using YouTube


It also has this page called ‘Suzuki-kun’ (which I use quite often) that automatically generates the pitch accent pattern for a given phrase or sentence, and it makes changes based on punctuation:

It doesn’t match up with all the pitch accent patterns I’ve found in dictionaries, but since it’s from the University of Tokyo, it should be decent.

I’ve also found this site recently that allows access to a lot of monolingual dictionaries, including 大辞林, which includes pitch accent data:

However, well… you need to know what the numbers for a pitch accent pattern mean (the number indicates the mora that’s accented), so OJAD’s tools are probably easier to use if you’re not used to this notation, because OJAD provides diagrams.

By the way, there’s also this free course on edX that might interest you (which I’ve tried and found quite informative):

and this YouTube channel that has a focus on pitch accent (though I haven’t really delved into it yet):


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