Pronounciatian of certain Kanji


New Japanese learner and WaniKani user here! Glad I found this resource, so far it seems very helpful and easy to use!

I started doing Kanji lessons on WaniKani, and I noticed, there is no “How to pronounce Kanji” section (unless I’m completely blind to something on the website). I’m talking mostly accent and/or pitch accent. I can see the Hiragana, I know how to read it, but how is it actually pronounced correctly?

Do you guys have any recommendations for such a resource?

Thank you so much!

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Kanji don’t really have a pronunciation of their own, so you should more be looking at how to pronounce the corresponding vocabulary. I think there are some user-scripts that can add pitch but I haven’t used them myself.


Kanji themselves don’t have a pronounciation. If you mean vocabulary then you can just listen to the audio on this site when you review or learn the word. If you shadow that pronounciation you should be good for now.


As far as I have seen, Kanji readings don’t have pronunciation tendencies, unless that Kanji is also a vocabulary by itself.

Ah thank you to everyone! It’s clearer now. I was a bit confused about the topic at hand. I thought one kanji = one vocabulary word. That’s why I formulated the question the way I did. However I see that’s not the case.

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No sweat. It’s a common misconception. Some people also lament about giving each Kanji one meaning in Wanikani.

It is made more confusing by the fact that some words in Japanese consist of only one Kanji (example 人、木、etc) so you have to learn it 2 times in WaniKani. Once the Kanji and it’s rough concept and once the word that is written with just that one Kanji… (the kanji can be used in lots of other words as well though)

So I hope we weren’t too rough in answering your question and please feel free to ask again if anything else is unclear :smiley:

Regarding pitch accent, there are some plugins you could try, here’s the one i use

You could also try enabling “Autoplay audio in lessons” in your app settings.

If you want some more pronunciation tips, Dogen on youtube has some good videos on pitch accent, and i found his video on devoicing particularly useful


Some kanji tend to, but I think it’s pretty rare. 以 is almost always accented, followed by a down step on the next syllable. That said I think it’s a somewhat rare phenomenon and would probably cause more confusion for most learners if they came to some sort of kanji pitch rule page during there lessons idk

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