Looking for Japanese music videos subtitled in Japanese

Hi, all! I’m looking for some Japanese music videos (any genre) that are subtitled in Japanese or have the lyrics on-screen. Music helps me focus, and I’d like to get some reading practice out of listening to it. There are instances where I don’t recognize a word when I hear it, but I recognize it when reading it, so I think being able to both hear and read at the same time would help me crossreference/reinforce both skills.

I haven’t been able to find any music with subtitles yet, though there are some movies and series on Netflix that fit that criteria. A full episode or movie is still a bit too ambitious for me, though. Songs are just right. They push my boundaries while still giving me occasional time (intermission, choruses) to reflect on what I hear.

I do have a VPN, which probably increases my likelihood of accessing something by 80%.

Almost all of Kobasolo’s videos have subtitles. Like the channel’s name suggests, it’s basically Japanese people covering Japanese songs.


As far as I recall, [Alexandros] includes the lyrics with their music videos. Here’s a link to one video to serve as a launch pad: [Alexandros] - Dracula La (MV) - YouTube

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Anime opening and ending sequences frequently have the lyrics on-screen. Been trying to find a channel or playlist that features them, but my search fu is weak…

打首獄門同好会 subtitles nearly all of their songs.

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Here’s what I listen to:

REOL - No title
RADWIMPS - 夢見月に何想ふ
バルーン - シャルル If you don’t like Vocaloids you can always listen to some covers (メガテラゼロ - シャルル)
メガテラゼロ - 君の神様になりたい (歌ってみた)
まふまふ - 命に嫌われている (歌ってみた)
Orangestar - 時ノ雨、最終戦争 (Vocaloid)
Orangestar - アスノヨゾラ哨戒班 (Vocaloid)
めありー - DAYBREAK FRONTLINE (歌ってみた) (Bonus)
まふまふ - おしゃかしゃま (歌ってみた)
n-buna - メリュー (Vocaloid)
n-buna - “Say it” Also, this has like… one lyric on screen, but it’s a good lyric, lol.


Wow, thank you for the quick responses! Definitely gonna check all of these out :+1:

(Also, @manjuem - I am really enjoying this band :smiley:)

Glad I could snag another fan for them :smile:

Try niconico

Chouchou’s videos generally have the Japanese lyrics as subtitles on their videos. Here’s one song of theirs I like, LUNARIA:


@fiertia: Thanks for sharing that! I’ve been trying to find ambient or alternative Japanese-language vocals that reward listening…

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I started a thread about this a while ago, but it didn’t get much love unfortunately.

Hopefully it comes in useful here though!



Thank you, I searched and looked at the “suggested posts” while creating this but that didn’t show in either, guess I must have been using the wrong keywords.

Ahaha. I think I’m the one that used the wrong keywords. I just looked and I didn’t mention Japanese subtitles a single time!

i’ve been on a huge れをる kick lately :star_struck: sadly just the other day their label claimed all their YT vids to not be available in the US >_< (so i fired up a proxy and downloaded them…)

two others of theirs i love are ヒビカセ and drop pop candy (USers will need a proxy). although, the fonts are pretty difficult to read in their own right!


btw, when searching for anime OPs/EDs, i recommend adding 歌詞付き (かしつき (not 加湿器)) to your search terms.


Ah, I thought they disbanded but they just added a new music video 16 hours ago. I’d be very excited if it wasn’t called エンド.

This is one of those things you just understand with time (as long as you can’t translate it of course). Like how 歌ってみた (うたってみた) is used when you cover someone’s song. Took me awhile to realize that not all songs have the same title (also Japanese consistency when it comes to naming music videos is all over the place, with some mentioning the title before the artist, using / and and | to separate name from title and so on…).
Oh, and I’ve seen quite a few artists that add English and Japanese subtitles to their songs. n-buna is one of them, so it’s worth remembering to try that CC button every now and then.


I watch tons of japanese music videos on youtube. 50% prob have text on screen. But maybe better is just looking up the 歌詞 「かし」.
uta.net (or j-lyrics.com)has lyrics for almost every song i have tried to look up. (the only thing i haven’t been able to find there is old 60s 70s folk music). But any contemporary artist i’ve been able to find.

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koresawa (コレサワ) is good for that. Simple narrative writing style, clearly pronounced, text on screen, not alot of slang. And not bad (it is kinda wierd that she always wears a bear head)…
Here is a link to her song 「たばこ」


haha, yeah. that one i had been interpreting literally in my head (“tried singing”) and applying the usual “well i guess that sounds more idiomatic to natives than it does to me” filter, without thinking about why i was seeing it everywhere, and it didn’t click that it was the terminology for something so simple as “cover” til you labeled a bunch of stuff in your post with it. :slight_smile:

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