JapanesePod101 - vlogs in Japanese (w/ JP and EN subtitles!)

Hey, I just found out the other day that the JapanesePod 101 has a playlist of videos on Youtube in a vlog style where they have subtitles in Japanese (with furigana), romaji and English. Both English and Japanese are used throughout the videos, but the majority of the speech is in Japanese. I really think this is a very cool and entertaining tool to take the first steps on your listening game :slight_smile:


EDIT: Is the speech too fast for you? You can make it slower in the video settings :slight_smile:


Wow she really does speak fast, I don’t even have enough time to read the text on screen by the time she moves on let alone listen and comprehend what she’s saying.

Yeah, you can change the speed of the video in the settings :slight_smile:

Settings => Speed.

> 1 = faster
<1 = slower

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I know, I’ve been using youtube for longer than what is probably healthy :stuck_out_tongue: A lot of the videos and such I’ve seen so far it hasn’t been anywhere close to this. I guess this is more like natural speed huh? That’s going to take a long time to get used to.

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Yeah, I would guess it’s similar to the natural speed. I don’t think it will take you that much time honestly. Once you start understanding the pieces that make up the sentences and you add them all together, you can go from a slow pace to a quick one pretty fast. The main problem is with being able to make the connection to what you know with that the speaker is saying.

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