Looking for Japanese music videos subtitled in Japanese

I’ll check them out! The CC button was actually what I originally meant, but ‘subtitled’ has slightly different connotations than ‘closed captioned,’ I suppose. Either is great.

Yeah, I’ve tried using anime lyrics sites and such and while I can find lyrics to things, it’s not the same as having them on-screen where I can match them to mouth movements and such at the same time (I’m hard of hearing, so it helps to be able to do that). Still, I had not heard of uta.net, so I will look into that one as well, thanks!

yesterday in Karaoke

(good luck mastering that ^^)

And my hair is bad generally have the lyrics written


Oh, hey, Oresama’s first major album is coming out in a couple of days, and like wow, the first track is really something!

Resurrecting this thread to post this video. Story: this is by Nakamun (Nqkqmun, なかむん, many variations he uses), an artist I follow on Twitter and YouTube. In his Twitter he says he caught a cicada and recorded it and featured it in this song. It’s captioned and makes good listening practice.

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