An easy anime (with Japanese subtitles)?

I keep reading about the importance of understandable input, so decided it was about time I got some!

I already read (にゃんにゃん and a bit of よつばと!) but am looking for something to watch. Ideally, something easy, in Japanese, with Japanese subtitles.

I really wanted to watch にゃんぼー, but it has English subtitles - which means I wouldn’t benefit at all. Unless anyone knows where I can find them without English subtitles (I cant turn them off).

Any help much appreciated!

PS - as I’m in Japan I could also go down to Book Off and get some DVDs, but I really don’t know where to start! Any ideas?


Animelon should be what your’re looking for. Or you can also download the JP subtitles directly.


Most anime on YT is like to be pirated, so you’re probably not going to get many such recommendations here.


What about something closer to real life? :slight_smile:

Playlist of vlogs in Japan with JP, EN subs:

24h of Japanese:


That’s great! Thank you so much! Any particular title you’d recommend?

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I had no idea. Thanks so much for letting me know that!

Thanks for that! I actually subscribed to JP101, long before I ever heard of WK, but can’t stand it! The podcasts are full of English chat, mostly some guy who thinks he’s funny but isn’t, and even those videos you posted have English subtitles in them, which means my brain just can’t get past them to the Japanese! But thank you so much!


Animelon isn’t for-profit, but I don’t think that’s legal in most countries either

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Then I’ll skip that as well. (Besides which, I’m trying it out right now and nothing is playing).

So I’ll go to Book Off. The problem is, I see a wall Japanese dvds and just don’t where to start!

I’m looking for something interesting, easy, with JP subtitles.

If you’re not opposed to paying (or watching ads) then CR has JP subs

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I’ve no idea what CR is!


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Thank you! Will take a look now!

I don’t think they do? If they do, how do you change to them? (I only saw options for other languages last time I checked)

Also, exactly what anime is available and what subtitle options there are may vary depending on where you live, but I believe netflix has Japanese subtitles for some shows.

I think it’ll work out easier for me just getting some cheap DVDs from Book Off. What I really need is a good idea of what titles to start with!

You can’t really use Crunchyoll in Japan without a VPN.

If you’re looking for stuff to watch, you should try slice of life material. I would recommend Usagi Drop for example.

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It seems CR has introduced a new player for some users, with which it’s not possible to get JP subs, but with the old flash player, which most people still have, you can right click the player to get options for subs.

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I’ve been able to do this in order to disable the subs, but I can’t recall ever seeing japanese subtitles listed as an option… only english and sometimes other european languages…

Now I’m all html5-ed up it seems though, so it’s all english subs all the time.


Oh, it worked for me the few times I tried it. Perhaps they only had JP subs for select shows

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Put in a feature request to let you disable subtitles in the new player. :slight_smile: