Japanese subtitled Youtube content

Hello everyone. I’m sorry if there is already a thread for this but I couldn’t find the particular thing I’m looking for after some search.

I’m looking for some Youtube channels/content which has Japanese subtitles available in their videos.

My aims are:
-Immersion and listening practice
-Reinforce kanji and vocabulary I learned
-Work on reading at the speed of real-time speech

The channels could be on any topics like vlogs, drama, short films, educational, TV shows, cooking shows, music, gaming, etc. I would appreciate any help!

Some channels I already follow as examples:

THE FIRST TAKE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9zY_E8mcAo_Oq772LEZq8Q
Great music channel. They have subtitles for all the speech and lyrics in the videos.

Onomappu https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLuymDHiOySsAQ9Nc-4NoEQ
He does short videos on everyday Japanese. His speech is very clear and has subtitles available in the videos.

Kotobuki Minako https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6jsWSIOVR4i6LAo9xKWptQ/videos
One of my favorite seiyuu! She is making vlogs about her experiences in the UK. Although not fully transcribed, her videos still have lots of text describing what she is talking about.


This might be off topic but I’m using an extention called “Language Learning with Netflix”. I think it’s exactly what you are looking for.

The only problem is not every Japanese shows on Netlix has Japanese subtiltle (weird right?) However, you could fix this problem by use VPN to get an access to Japanese Netflix. Every shows on Japanese Netflix has Japanese subtitle. (It’s really annoyed me why can’t they just export Japanese subtitle to other regions)

I’m watching Samurai Gourmet and 深夜食堂. They are awesome!!


This channel is pretty good but you do have to ignore the English subs on the bottom:


I really don’t watch as much Japanese youtube as I should, BUT when I have it’s tended to be Hanae Natsuki (also a seiyuu, probs most known as Tanjirou from Demon Slayer). He posts lets plays, which aren’t fully subtitled, but he does pop ups of like, notable things that are said? Kinda like variety shows tend to do. I think it’s a nice balance, some straight up listening practice, but also a bunch of subtitles for reading practice and helping to keep track of what’s going on :joy:

The videos are also just really high energy, which makes it a lot more bearable even when I am lost imo. They’re just fun :grin:


A big listed was posted a few weeks ago


Thank you! I have heard this extension but didn’t try it before. It is more functional than I was expecting! I really need to invest in a VPN at some point.

Thanks, subscribed! I like him from his roles in Nier Automata and Odd Taxi.


Thanks, I couldn’t go through the whole list yet but found Nihong Switch, which suits what I was looking for.

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Big playlist that was posted on reddit the other day

So I’m just going to quote:

This is a playlist made by a team called NYT Global. They are adding subtitles to a famous japanese comedian/youtuber called Nakata Atsuhiko who makes really interesting, easy to understand videos about different subjects (history, japanese culture, technology, etc.)


YUYUの日本語Podcast has subtitiles: YUYUの日本語Podcast - YouTube


Thanks everyone for their ideas :slight_smile:
Is there a japanese news channel (in japanese) you folks follow?

I can strongly recommend Youglish for searching Japanese YouTube subtitles; it’s great when you want to find listening content for particular words.

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this is amazing, 1000 thanks!

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My five cents. This channel helps you learn japanese through videogames :slight_smile:
They have a Pokémon series that I think it’s pretty entertaining.

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This is what I put on in the background when I’m making dinner:


If you’re in the mood to watch an Ace Attorney stageplay, I can recommend this: Ace Attorney - Turnabout Spotlight (ENG SUB) - YouTube


Japonin is a great channel! It’s great for listening and reading practice. And I love how it has so many videos on different topics related to Japanese culture. And each video has a link in the description to their blog with all the text as well as the English translation (so you can check to see if you got the right meaning).

I came across this channel when going down a rabbit hole of Japanese “what’s in my bag” videos on YouTube. It’s a dude talking about minimalism (his version of it). Many things are subtitled, but not everything is… maybe it would be interesting to someone though :woman_shrugging:


This channel also has videos with Japanese subtitles. This is just one of the videos to check out: