Help ! struggling to find Conjugation material/book!

Hello friends !

I’ve been learning Japanese for about a year and I’m currently living in Japan. I’ve been struggling to find a book that would only display Japanese verbs and their different conjugations.

Even here in Japan the teachers at my school are clueless about that kind of material, and I’ve looked thoroughly in librairies as well as on internet… The only thing that is close to what I’m looking for are books displaying verbs in romaji which is a complete non-sense to me. If you have any recommandations I would be really happy to read you!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Like a dictionary with conjugation?

I use takoboto.


Maybe something like this would work as well?


I have a physical copy of book but I prefer to study verbs with grammar so I didn’t use it that much. Most of the book is on part 2. From the publisher:

Part 1 shows through tables and concise commentary how Japanese verbs are categorized, conjugated, and combined with auxiliaries. Each form is followed by a short exercise, reinforcing the points just made.
Part 2 takes up the forms described in the first part and shows how they function in full-fledged sentences. Each discussion is followed by examples and exercises, ensuring that the student has understood the forms under discussion.

The PDF I found online with the book had missing pages so no table of contents for part 1.

Would this work for you maybe? :thinking:

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I don’t think I will ever need such a book after watching some grammar videos like this.


thanks for your reply ! I aleady use Bunpro and wanikani, reading materials and going to school so I don’t really feel like my schedule would allow me to add another app on my phone :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m looking for something very dumb with all the verbs and conjugation in a book format.

I use this website a lot for instance : Conjugation of Japanese verb narau - to learn 習う

But I’m old school and I would like to get a book version of katsuyou instead of using so many screens.

Thanks for your answer !!!

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Thank for the reply mate !

I’ve seen this one a lot and downloaded a pdf version of it before taking the decision to not buy it, as there are a lot of exercices and things that I actually don’t need.

I’m looking for something something very systematic, like a book that would help me revise like a robot all the verbs (that’s pretty much how I got confident with english, not really thinking too much but just knowing everything by heart).

Thanks tho appreciate it !!!

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Thanks for the reply !

This is it ! But I need a book version as I have too many apps already and I need to avoid screens.
I’m guessing I’m going to have to create my own book and print it…

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

This is very disturbing :no_mouth:

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That’s actually great ! But I need a book !!

thanks for the reply :slight_smile: !!

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English has a lot of irregular verbs, but Japanese really doesn’t, so what works for one may not be as necessary for the other. There are two really irregular verbs and then about a dozen which have one or two minor irregularities, and half of those are keigo. Everything else is completely regular. So while I’m pretty sure you can get books of verbs for Japanese, I think most people studying the language find they don’t really need them: it’s enough to practice with sample verbs that cover the different endings the godan verbs take, plus one for ichidan, and kuru and suru.


I’m sure someone could point you to a pdf you can print with all the verbs and conjugations.

Like so?

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You’re right, it would also explain the fact that there aren’t any actual books like this. Makes sense. Anyhow in France we learn all of our verbs this way, then in english it was quite the same process… I’m guessing one can’t really use the same technic for japanese as it is more systematic.

But still, can’t really twist my brain to learn in another way now !

That’s pretty cool ! Not a lot of conjugations but still helpful ! Will download it thanks !!

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Isn’t conjugation in French very systematic as well?

Manger, mange, mangeons, mangez
Parler, parle, parlons, parlez


I don’t remember there being that many, if at all, since it’s been a while, exceptions with verbs.

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You’ve managed to include one of the irregularities in your examples :slight_smile: parler → parlons but manger → mangeons, not mangons.

Also wiktionary tells me there are about 350 irregular verbs in French.


I’d say english and french are pretty much the same langages now that I’m learning japanese. There are quite a lot of irregular verbs as well in french !

If you want to devote time to memorize verb related stuff besides the general rules that @pm215 mentioned above: " it’s enough to practice with sample verbs that cover the different endings the godan verbs take, plus one for ichidan, and kuru and suru." I would suggest to get a list of godan verbs that end in える and いる and memorize it. As ichidan verbs always end in える or いる so if you know by heart those verbs that have these endings but that are not ichidan then you will not do mistakes.


Find a verb on, click “details”, then click “show inflections”:

The verb conjugator pointed out by @FlamySerpent is also pretty good because it includes links for how the various conjugations are used (in general, not for the specific verb).

I get not wanting more apps, but you need a dictionary and there are a LOT of verbs in any language. WIth time, your brain will start to recognize the patterns (especially if augmented by Cure Dolly videos or whatever).