Looking for a proper word for "binding tag"

Hi guys,
I’m creating a fan animation in Naruto universe and I have in it a scene where a character steps on a “binding tag”. It’s an equivalent of a paper bomb which I invented for animation purpose which instead exploding upon contact, it paralyses the opponent.

I think this kanji will work good “縛” as a symbol on a paper tag.
Also, I need to somehow call it in Japanese because when the character will step on it, he will ask in disbelieve

  • “binding tag?!”
    I checked how paper bombs are named in Naruto and they are called
  • 起爆札 - Kibaku Fuda
    Using this pattern I was thinking about
  • 縛り札 - “Shibari Fuda”
    Does that make sense? If yes, any tips I should give to voice actor regarding pronuncation?

I did a quick search for words ending in 札(ふだ) to see the pitch accent. For every word that included a pitch accent in my dictionary (only about half did since many of these are probably rare words), the pitch accent was either heiban or dropped after the mora right before ふだ (for your case that would mean after the り in しばり). So I think those are your two choices. Further research specifically for words with three mora (to match しばり) before ふだ all dropped after the third mora, right before ふだ. Granted, there weren’t many words of this pattern, but here are the ones my dictionary said drop after the third mora:

  • 氏子札(うじこふだ)
  • 納め札(おさめふだ)
  • 迷子札(まいごふだ)
  • 守り札(まもりふだ)
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If you wanna be cute, 縛 can be read as ばく like in 呪縛. So きばくふだ would end up being the pronunciation for both 起爆札 and 起縛札.

If you are having them be paralyzed without being physically restrained, you could even go a step further in the cuteness and make up the word 気縛札 which would still be read the same way.

Just some ideas though


I checked with my husband, who’s Japanese. He immediately understood what 縛り札 would do (bind/paralyze someone) and after he asked, “like Naruto?”. Sounds like you’re doing great : D Good luck with your animation!


Thank you for your research and tips, that’s very helpful!

Those ninjas intents won’t be nowhere close to being cute so I’ll pass on that, but maybe in a hentai parody in a 100 years :joy:

That’s great to hear!

Thanks again guys!