Looking for a Custom SRS Study Tool

Howdy Everyone!

Before someone mentions Anki/Memrise, I want you know I’ve used both of these apps and they don’t allow for what I’m trying to do… unless I’m missing some huge feature.

What I’m looking for is an App/Website where I can add example sentences and then later can quiz myself on these sentences by inputting the answer, not just multiple choice or answering to myself (as per a flashcard).

So, for instance, say a learn a vocabulary in Wanikani and the example sentence is really useful so I want to remember it for later. I go to this App, add the English and Japanese, and then later I get a card prompting me with the English and I have to input the correct Japanese sentence. Anything out there like this? Your help is mucho appreciated.

This is actually possible with Anki, there are multiple decks which include an input field to write the answer instead of using the normal anki system.

Quick google: reddit thread

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Anki does let you do that.

I don’t know how to use any of the more powerful features of Anki, but someone made a deck that literally looks the same as WK. But you could do that with any content you want to add.

You can in Anki. It is {{type:Field}}. https://apps.ankiweb.net/docs/manual.html#checking-your-answer

If you want to <textarea>, it is also possible with an add-on.

Thanks everyone. I guess I gotta familiarize myself more with Anki. 残念.

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