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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting in forums, so I’d appreciate some feedback if I’ve created topic in the wrong category.

My question is:

Does anyone know of a SRS app, which actually evaluates you by what you type in the answer field and lets user to configure it as the only method of evaluation?
Multiple answer evaluation doesn’t work well for me (Memrise, TinyCards, Cram, Duolingo).
Neither does selecting again/hard/normal/easy/very-easy (Anki).
Wanikani is perfect with it’s evaluation, but I don’t have an option to create my own cards.

Basically, I want to create my own cards and be able to set evaluation to typed answers only. (No timers)
I don’t mind if it’s a desktop app, or if it doesn’t have any community decks.


You can type your answers in Anki if you set it up that way. There is a theme by @hinekidori that does that.

I don’t use it (for me it’s Anki mode all the way! multiple choice is weird for me too) so I don’t know where the most up to date version is but you should be able to find it somewhere.


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Search the forums for something called Kitsun. I think you might be pleasantly surprised. It’s currently being made though.

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With Anki, just because options are there you don’t need to use them. You can simply rename those buttons something like “right and wrong”, then go from there.

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There is an AddOn I use for Anki that reduces the buttons to 2 and you can convert them to say right/wrong as Syphus mentioned. That with activating the input box will pretty much give you what you need I think.

There are other Apps like HouHou, Memrise, FloFlo, Bunpro, Kitsun (currently in Beta) that are options you may want to look into.


Can I use them (FloFlo and Kitsun) for other languages as well or is it strictly for Japanese?

As you can see I’ve been using Anki for quite some time, it’s just that I already use only 2 buttons (again/very easy), which is probably as passive as I can get. Typing feels a lot more like an active recall. Irrelephant’s answer is probably the closest one to what I’m looking for, because I’ve been using BunPro and HouHou too.

If it’s for Japanese vocabulary, Houhou is the way to go.

Kitsun is shooting to be like Anki with a better user interface. So you should be able to use it for anything flashcard oriented including other languages. FloFlo is focused on learning Japanese Vocab for Reading.

You can type in Anki if you wish. I use the input box feature myself. But I see your point.

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Thanks a lot!:relaxed:

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