SRS App recommendations for self-made sentence decks

Hi all,

I’ve been an Anki user since 2005 and I’ve reached the point where I never want to see that app ever again :joy: It’s just so clunky and ugly and doesn’t sink across my devices (I do reps on my phone, two ipads, and computer)

I know there are a lot of new SRS apps out there now so I’m asking for recommendations for one that:

  • Is available on iOS
    -Has an app, I don’t want something only web-based
    -Syncs automatically
    -Has a straightforward card-making system. I just want to copy a sentence from somewhere, open the app, “add card”, paste, and done. Maybe add a note or two on the reverse side but usually I skip this and just have the sentence. Nothing fancy.
    -Can be good for sentence cards as I very rarely learn words in isolation.
    -Isn’t as ugly as Anki lol

Thanks for any recommendations!

Memrise might be your jam.

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I’d recommend checking out Kitsun!


Kitsun might be good, because of active developers and colleagues, as well as active community. Well, proven that it is easy to use and responsive to feedback. (There are also dedicated Discord and forum.) might be another option. I find this one alluring because of programmability (public API).


I tried Memrise once years and years ago, so I’m not sure if anything has changed but at the time it seemed it was geared towards learning words in isolation and wouldn’t really work with sentences. Have they updated it since then?

I have no idea. I just know you could make your own cards and decks, so I assume making your own sentence cards would work.