Little Nightmares Episode 5 Discussion

This week we’ll be watching the fifth and final episode of 弟者 playing Little Nightmares!

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Watching Tips

  • You can click the three dots to the far right of the like button and select “Open Transcript”. That will show the entire script and allow you to click on a line to replay that section of the video!
  • You can slow down the video if that helps you understand the speech better.
  • If you can download the video and subtitles, you can put them into Voracious and even more easily repeat sections, create flash cards etc.

Discussion Rules

  • When posting a question, include the time in the video. You can also link directly to the appropriate section.
  • Consider using spoiler tags for game events that people might want to experience firsthand


A sausage? No thanks, I spy with my little eyes something that looks more tasty.


I have a friend coming to stay this weekend :sob: how very dare. Looking forward to watching the conclusion as soon as I can though!

I find it interesting how he keeps roleplaying, swapping his nice-guy persona for a villain one (if only for a bit) here :slight_smile:

At 11:43 when I first watched this a while ago, I thought he was literally talking about magic mirrors, not one-sided mirrors! :slight_smile: (Then he does use the word マジックミラー about his mirror during the boss fight, so I guess it does have both meanings)

Also, I agree that もう逃げなくていい状態になっちゃいましたもんね… It doesn’t really seem in the best interests of the outside world to have that thing loose…

Two things I didn’t quite understand:

#1 そうささやいている. What is being whispered? Is this just a continuation of his earlier line? (“It’s whispered/rumored that the next light will be in the center back”)?

#2 あー なんかこのまばらに空いてる感じ. I looked up まばら and got “sparse; thin; scattered; straggling; sporadic​”. Does he just mean that the Little Anijya are standing scattred about?


Ah, this went places I honesly didn’t expect it to go, very exciting and surprising (and SCAARRRYYYYYY)


Double agree

About the questions:

#1 Yeah I think it’s just a continuation and

#2 I took it for that he’s thinking about how there aren’t much of them left but maybe your interpretation makes more sense?

Finally, this was really fun and I think the concept of having a let’s play thread has proven to be worthy of a continuation! ^^


I finally watched it and was too gripped to understand anything that went on :scream: pretty horrifying (but predictable) when our favourite gnome got munched.

I wanna know much more about the world than we were shown though :pensive: apparently there will be a sequel released in 2020 though! Hope he plays it :blush:

Will try to re-watch and ask any questions later this week, but thank you so much @crihak for setting this up. It introduced me to something new, has been surprisingly beneficial, and was super fun.


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