Little Nightmares Episode 2 Discussion

@crihak too, how have I never come across these things before?! That makes much more sense - I thought it was weird for it be in kana rather than kanji, and I didn’t think the sentence made much sense, but 目 was all I could think of.

Ah cool, that’s basically what I thought but hadn’t taken これ quite that specifically. Thanks!

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At ~19:00 he says 逃げると結構遠くまで飛ぶんだよね, but I’m not really sure what he’s saying, other than something about running far away (is 飛ぶ meaning “to flee; to run off” here?).

At ~19:40 he says そんなところにいたのかもう、驚かせやがって… and I have no idea what it means :sweat_smile: “being in such a position, you were probably surprised”? (in an appalled sense, in reference to the unfortunate events that transpired just beforehand? - is that last bit やがる?)

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It is actually 投げると結構遠くまで飛ぶんだよね.
He is just saying that if you throw the little dude he flies/goes pretty far.

I think at 19:40 he is just making a joke. He is pretending that the guy he threw off the cliff was actually fine all along, and saying “Oh, you were just in this place? もう(signals complaining about someone surprising/startling you sometimes) daring to surprise me like that!!” (not a translation, just the gist as I see it)


Well that makes much more sense :sweat_smile:

Oooooooooooh. I did not get that at all. Derp.


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God bless whoever is making these vocab lists


Kinda similar to @TamanegiNoKame, but note that he says " リトル兄者たちバレてるこれ 存在". So basically their existence is known (like you said by whoever’s using that eye thingie).

I took これ to just mean “this” as in “this means that they know of the gnomes’ existence

It seems like it can be written 目 as well. Actually, it’s there as definition 17 of in jisho :slight_smile:

  1. somewhat; -ish​ Usually written using kana alone, See also 大きめ

I’ll just add to @TamanegiNoKame’s explanation by mentioning that in case you missed it ~やがる is a derogatory way of saying that someone did something. (I think it’s kind of like 貴様 or similar in that you don’t really say this IRL, but it does pop up in media?)

So 驚かせやがって basically is something like “You scared me you #@$!” (following the time-honored tradition of replacing Japanese rudeness with swearing).

Anyway, if you see やがる you can be sure that it’s not the speaker doing the action. And 驚かせる means to scare someone, so the one getting scared was Otojya.

I wasn’t so sure here either, but I think tamanegi is right.


Yeah, and the way he tries to downplay it afterwards… “Nice weather today, huh?” :slight_smile:

Not sure what he was actually trying to do though…

I thought that was funny as well. Also, I’m pretty sure he didn’t actually yell “COOL!” either :slight_smile:

Nice! It’s always rewarding to see progress!


Wasn’t he trying to bring little anija along by throwing him on stuff that he would later climb on?

Yeah that seems strange right

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Ah, yeah of course. That makes sense :slight_smile:

Yeah, so I’m thinking that was probably the joke, that they subbed what it sounded like he said, because he wasn’t speaking coherently or intelligibly :slight_smile:

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At ~30:13… 一回違うとこまで誘い出して…? I realise he’s pondering whether he’s supposed to lure the guy out by making a noise once, and then move very quickly, but I don’t really get what’s going on with 違うとこまで here.

At ~33:39 he says アムネシア - ??! All I could think of was “amnesia” :thinking:

Literally “to a different place”. So “一回違うとこまで誘い出して” literally means “lure (him) once to a different place then…”.

Yeah, he’s referring to the horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent no doubt.

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Ah, I did actually think of that - I have the game cos it came in a Humble Bundle I bought. Suffice to say I never even considered playing it :sweat_smile:

Also definitely shrieked a few times during my first watch of this video :grin:


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