Listening/reading sentence almighty beast deck based on Core 2000

Hey! I went through all of the core 2000 decks and ripped out all of the reading and listening sentences and made this deck with them.

While studying the core 2000 I realised that decks with just a single word were slowing me down. You can learn 2 to 3 words at a time with sentences and context makes it stick. I’m more of an auditory learner so the sound clips are really important to me here. I’m sharing it so anyone with a similar learning style can take advantage. Each sentence features twice. Once as reading on the front, translation and audio on the back. The other audio on the front with reading and translation on the back.

I would make my own sentences but as cool as the awesomeTSS is in theory the robot voice is offensive to my snobby ears. I heard that you can ask natives to read sentences on Hi native and other similar applications, is it possible to download the audio that they upload? If possible I would like to make and share a grammar listening deck based on bunpro’s example sentences. If anyone with more technical savvy than me would like to collaborate on this drop me a line :slight_smile:


I downloaded the deck. I have the core 2000 decks on my system already, but what you did to the decks by just extracting the sentences makes sense to me.
(it is funny, after my last Anki update, I have had trouble importing cards. I finally got yours to import, but it took me multiple tries once it was downloaded. Oh well, I got it to work …)

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No worries. Glad it’s of use :+1: It just seemed that having five cards relating to one single word was a bit overkill.

About the part of the message about getting decent sentence audio from native speakers, do you know a way? Robot voices sound terrible… I really want to make a bunpro sentence deck. I messaged them about adding audio to the website but they’re understandably busy with other things at the moment. (sigh)

Pass this to anyone you know that might be interested. It would be cool to collaborate with people on listening focused projects. I can’t wait to reach the level where I can just passively consume native content without subtitles like a boss :sunglasses:

Let me know how you get on.

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I don’t have any ideas with audio. I am conscious of listening/repeating issues too, so I spend time stealing audio from lots of podcasts, videos, and such to add to my study deck. If something interests me, and I have some understanding of the Japanese, I try to take the time to snag some audio and make some cards out of it.
This works great for haphazard learning, but not so great for systematically learning grammar.

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