Anki decks with full sentences and audio...?

Wanted to ask, anybody here know of an anki deck with full sentences and audio? It’d be nice if the grammar and vocab grew more difficult as you went along. I’m wanting to do more full on phrases rather than just words, so if you guys have any recommendations, please let me know ~

Personally I’ve started using the Japanese Core 2000 deck. The 2000 are broken up across various decks ( 9 i believe?) And each deck has cards for recognition, recitation, and inclusion in a sentence. The only issue though is you may run into kanji that you don’t know yet. And they don’t really break down grammar elements like particles. Still very useful though!

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If it’s the one I used, the core 2000 is broken into ten decks.

I like it, although it took quite a long time to complete (I think each word actually has 5 associated cards).

Beware of deck 3 (and 4). For some reason they decided to lump all of the difficult vocabulary in those decks (words related to government and politics etc).

There is also a core 6000 deck that is a bit more optimized (just one card per word) although the cards are more dense.

I have an N5 one and an N4 one that was created by the founders of the Mass Immersion Approach. They’re sentence decks that audio for all the sentences, they add in a new word every card - and difficulty increases the more words you learn (including grammar). The decks also have the option to put the audio on the front to practice listening skills as well. Both decks have about 1k words in them. However, I wouldn’t be able to give it to you since the decks were created after these books: N5 Tango - N4 Tango so you’d need proof of purchase to be able to get them.

If you can get in contact with Matt from MIA you can probably get ahold of the decks if you show proof of purchase, but it’s harder to get in contact with them now that MIA has become more popular. I’d be more than happy to hand them over as well, but the books are sorta spendy so you may just better off with other decks that are free.

I think the original source of the Core 1000/3000/6000 is, I recommend checking them out as well!

There’s this 10K Wanikani Anki deck:
It has full sentences, but I don’t think they get harder with the vocab, they’re just the examples from iKnow.

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Thanks everybody for the replies !! I looked around and decided I’m gonna try the one @darkness_rising linked to ~

Thanks again !

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