[Sound Files] Core6K Listening Practice

What this is: Thousands of sound files, each containing a context sentence, a word and its english translation.

How one might use it: 
Download all the files you want, put them on some kind of listening device, and let them play continuously while you take a walk, do the dishes, commute or whatever.

Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B21tSkYnAArkMjJMNXY5N1VFeVk (so far only the first 3000 sentences)

Detailed description:
What I’ve done here is take the sound files (single word as well as context sentence) from the iknow.jp Core6K Anki decks floating around and combine them with the google text-to-speech voice reading their english translations. Since they follow the Core6K order, they are generally ordered in increasing complexity, both in terms of vocab and grammar.

I originally made this to improve my own listening comprehension, but I thought others might find a use for it as well, so I’m sharing it here.

Each sound file is structured as follows:
<Context sentence> <1 second silence> <Japanese word> <½ second silence> <English translation> <½ second silence>

The pauses are to give you time to think for a bit before the next part comes.

Some more stuff:

  • Apologies if this is the wrong section, it seemed the most appropriate place for a “This is is a thing that I made” type topic.
  • If anyone has a good idea where I might put this that is not my google drive, I’d appreciate it.
  • I only ran the sound-smashing-together script for the first 3000 sentences before I stopped personally using this. If anyone finds themselves using it and wants the rest, let me know.


wow, the japanese text-to-speech sounds much better than I expected!

is it possible to have the whole sentences translated?
would make more sense in my opinion.

did you write some kind of script to process the files?

thank you for sharing!

I did it with php scripts, one generating and downloading the sound files from the translate api and another patching them up and resaving, I guess I could share the code although it may not be super pretty :b

Personally I wanted to train myself to understand the Japanese as-is, but still learn new words, which is why I went with this setup. (Which also obviously means I don’t have english translations of the whole sentences either).

I actually started out just listening to the sample sentences, without breaks, on shuffle while biking to and from work… so this was sort of a step up form that :slight_smile:

This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I’m going to give this a try.


Not sure if it would be better practise to just listen to audio dramas or similiar proucts, but will definitely bookmark this. Thank you for taking the time to put this together <3

Thanks! I’m repeating every file three times before moving on to the next one, while working on some code. Running this in a directory with the downloaded files in zsh:

for x (ls *); do mplayer -loop 3 $x; done



Thank you.
I’m syncing to my phone right now.