Sentence mining with audio

Hello to you all.
So far I’ve doing my vocab learning using different sources: WK, Genki, JPod101, Graded Readers, etc. All the new vocab I can get it’s then used to make a flashcard, either using the Core10K deck with sentences o creating a new card in the same manner (in wich I only have the word audio).

All of this it’s great to learn new vocab. But little by little I’m wanting to get my hands into more sentence audio; I clearly see that those words that have a sentence audio are really easier to remember. Besides the quality of the audio it’s gold in the Core10k :star_struck: Much better than the TTS I can get with Anki.

The last days I’ve been watching Dogen’s pitch accent series, and wanted to start making my own sentence mining deck with the pitch accent of the phrases (using this resource)… and though there’s lots of very good sources for sentences for the vocab, not so for the audio.

Any good recommendation in that regard?

I’m using Jpod101, wich have the line by line audio of the dialogs… it seems just what I need, but I’ve failed to extract the audio… and looking trough their forum they don’t have responded to the ones that have make that request.

Anyway, I’m happy to hear any new information you can provide.

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Just a quick search for “” in Anki shared decks… and gold came through!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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