Anki + Core Sentences. Is this good listening practice?

Hi all.

I’m absolutely awful at listening comprehension. My grammar, kanji and vocab - basically everything to do with written language - is at a place where I see good, noticeable progress, but I can’t for the life of me get my ear trained to spoken Japanese.

To remedy this, I’ve created an Anki deck using the Core6K sentences, as well as cards created from the Jalup Beginner and Intermediate decks. I’ve been going through them about 20 a day, and getting better at the cards. The vocab is mostly simple stuff I’ve learned a while before - this is purely just to pick it up and understand them when spoken. I mark it correct if I understand it, trying not to actively translate it, as much as possible. My fear is that I’m just getting good at remembering the cards from last time, as opposed to actually improving my listening comprehension holistically.

I just wanted a second opinion - does this look like a good way to improve my crappy listening skills, or should I just power through with native material, understanding little?

On the front of each card, it just says “聞いて”, with the audio playing:

And on the back it has all kinds of info, but as much in Japanese as possible; the English translation is near the bottom, so I can’t see it unless I scroll there on purpose (I’ve expanded the window in the screenshot):

Sorry for the long post! To reiterate: does this seem like a good way to train my ear, or is this just deceiving myself into only understanding these particular groups of words?

And are there any better, structured, n+1 methods to build up listening skills?


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