Listening/Grammar to car/commuting

Hi guys,

I am able to keep up with my reviews here on wanikani, but I kinda struggle with everything else… especially listening in my opinion, but I have still some time when I am commuting so…:

  • do you have any great resources for listening? ideally in some app, but a video can be useful as well… but I often dont have internet in subway, so that is problem for YT videos for example
  • any cool app for grammar/listening that I can use from time to time? I have finished LingoDeer, tried memrise many times (I know its mainly for vocab - and unfortunately it needs internet)

I am 43lvl right now, I would consider myself around JLPT-N4, (mostly thanks to wanikani) I can grasp the meaning of most of the articles, but some grammar is still new + listening is weak…

I use JapanesePod101, it’s pretty awesome and they have an app for it too (it’s called “Innovative”) and it’s perfect for my commutes! The podcasts range from absolute beginner to advanced so you’re sure to find something suited for you =) you can try it free for… a week I think? And if you decide to subscribe, there are lots of discount codes for subscriptions out there! (on sponsored articles and such, so the codes are legitimate)

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I use JapanesePod101 which has a lot of audio material. I like it because they have many years of 15 minute podcasts that include a short conversation, translations, and a discussion of vocab. They are broken up by their four levels (which seem to be rough equivalents of N5/4/3/2) and the material within one level even has some fun recurring characters.

Some parts of the site are a little annoying (the pricing model seems intentionally confusing) but the quantity of the audio material is great.

Edit: Ha, @MissMisc had the same recommendation. :slight_smile:

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