Best audio lessons while driving

Hi! I’m just starting to learn Japanese in my freetime using WaniKani and other online resources. While thinking of ways to cram even more Japanese learning into my day, I realized that I spend over an hour each day commuting to and from work. Prime study time! I’d like to find some decent quality Japanese audio lessons to help me learn while I drive.

Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

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Try Nihongo no Mori, I haven’t watched any of their beginner stuff but I enjoy their N2 / N1 videos.

I really like JapanesePod101 ^^

It’s subscription based but you can sign up for a free trial to see if you like it, and then there are discount codes up to like 65% off for the subscriptions that you can find on some articles and blogs (legitimate codes)

The audio lessons range from complete beginner to advanced so you’ll definitely be able to find something worthwhile on there :slightly_smiling_face: the lessons even have accompanying PDFs and notes and lists, it’s pretty comprehensive

They also have an app, it’s called Innovative, so you can have easy mobile access for all the podcasts and lessons — I highly recommend, they’ve been fantastic practice for my commutes!


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