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August 2 :blossom: Home Post

I just watched some let’s play stuff as usual but like, more than usual I think? So yay :tada: stamina increasing! I do need to get back into stuff with actual ongoing plot but that just requires so much more mental energy :sweat_smile: I’ll get there eventually haha


This weeks update covering 26th July to 2nd August:

26th - 電車 short stories for beginners

27th- 登山家 short stories for beginners, 80 minutes of Gackt music

28th - 30 minutes of Gackt music

29th - 黒い車 short stories for beginners

30th - Over the moon

31st - 1 hour of Gackt music

1st - Over the moon, Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone chapter 12

2nd - Japanese conversation with friends parts 1 & 2 - YouTube, LingQ lessons 1-10, LingQ mini stories 1-10

I’ve noticed that I do go back to the same stories, music or the same audio again and again. Mostly this is for a better understanding of the grammar etc as I tend to pick up more each time I watch or listen to something. Some times this is just my go to for certain things, like Japanese music will be from the music I have access to which if I’m driving is all the music in my phone (Gackt and Steriopony atm though I have found a few other artists I want to get music from). The short stories on repeat are because I’m listening to the then reading them then sometimes re-listening to them while reading them again to see what else I can pick up from them.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading alongside this challenge and although some days have been really difficult to force myself to actively listen (since I was only doing listening around 3 days a week before unless it was music based), I’ve tried to complete something everyday. I do think that once this challenge is completed, I’ll go back to my old routine of listening 3-4 days a week and reading the rest of my free time. I have noticed that my listening has improved to the point I can pick out most words/ particles while listening even if I’m not aware of what the words mean.


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Day XLIII: ポケモン :red_square: :purple_square:

Today I watched the Pokemon Presents that aired earlier today, I think I understood quite a bit, well, enough to get what was going on.

Pokemon Spoilers


More Pokemonnnn :zap: :durtle_yellow_rodent: :zap:


Home post :guitar: Aug 3rd

・SKM N2: Did the exercises on page 90-93 + mock exam (42 min).

First of all, yay! I finished the textbook :sparkles:
Second, I need more practice xD

Mock exam results

問題 Raw score %
1 3 out of 5 60%
2 5 out of 6 83%
3 5 out of 5 100%
4 7 out of 12 58%
5 4 out of 5 80%
Total 24 out of 33 73%

Last year when I took the N2, I got 46/60 (76%) on listening. Even though the scores aren’t really comparable because exam result uses scaled scores instead of raw scores, I guess I can say I’m probably roughly at the same level as back then. Which isn’t bad considering I haven’t been practicing listening much. (Only did half of July? whoops xD)

For those of you who are familiar with the jlpt listening section, 問題 4 was the type of questions I struggle with the most: “one person says something - pick the most suitable out of three responses”. Ugh :skull: If only it was possible to listen twice.

More things I struggle with:
  • humble vs honorific language,
  • ~てもらえるとありがたい,
  • filtering a ton of information into four options on the first try, ie.
    • 4 different menu sets (pasta, pizza, drinks, salad, dessert, one set is this other set + extra stuff)
    • 4 different train cars (指定席 vs 自由席, 喫煙席 vs 禁煙席, etc)
  • Also, simply not knowing certain words in spoken form.

I finished textbook, so now I don’t have to bring it with me. Yay, mission accomplished :3


August 3rd!

I listened to 2 more Core Words videos from JapanesePod101 while I was writing today.
I meant to listen to some Nihongo con Teppei today too, but I went out for dinner with friends this evening and now its a bit too late and I’m sleepy so I think I’ll save it for tomorrow!

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Summary Post

August 3rd
What did I listen to?: Obey Me! Boys in the House Ep 4
How much time did I spend listening?: 14 min-ish

This one was a bit short, but full of cuteness xD How the h e c k does Ayme-san manage to look so darn adorable in like…safety glasses and a face shield, I don’t understand

Look at them
There is no difference

Some more highlights

Not Ayme-san constantly hugging the Asmo cut-out :joy:

Screenshot 2022-08-03 183631

Screenshot 2022-08-03 183808

And Baby Satoshi doing whatever this is:

I also loved how extremely in character Satan’s VA was for Lucifer’s birthday celebration xD Anti-Lucifer League vibes were immaculate I keep calling him “Satan’s VA” lmao, he has a name, it is Shinya Sumi, honestly might keep calling him that though because I feel like “Satan’s VA” would be a fun title to have xD

Also Mammon’s VA is tiny and him being like かわいい at Ayme-san in every video is such mood :joy:

[Why doesn’t Discourse leave a space between summaries and videos, like what is that about]


Home post

Week 6

Yuusuke & Kaito, ep. 14.


Hey, I’m still around kind of! I’ve been posting elsewhere about finishing reading スマホを落としただけなのに, which also means I’ve finished listening to it! Saw big improvements there, and I think I’ve made the most noticeable listening progress yet through that project.

I also was too tired and headachey for my visual novel today so I went ahead and watched the movie based on it in Japanese! No subs at all because I didn’t have Japanese, no surprise there. Overall, I did fine. Comparing an audiobook and a movie sure emphasizes the issues I have at times when people slur more, or yell more, etc. Turns out my listening comprehension is pretty good when things are steady and clear, but real speech is an issue, meaning I really do need to probably build up more tolerance for ambiguity and throw myself in the deep end of language more the way it’s used.

@softlyraining Hey I can already talk about the movie, just bringing it to this more relevant thread.

If anyone cares for more developed thoughts, I put them in a Letterboxd review, but overall… the movie was about as cheesy and silly as I expected, though luckily in a way that landed in quite watchable moreso than boring. There are fairly heavy changes to avoid all of the outright sexual content in the book, which distorts some reveals and generally the rewrites make things land a little worse or make less sense. The tone of the villain’s behavior (and really the whole tone) is so different, making it harder to take seriously but goofy fun in its own way, if you’re into that. It’s unfortunate that the characters are flattened to have even less depth through more one-dimensional interactions, other than one who is given, uhh, complexity of a sort through a pretty bizarre and pointless change.

Overall… an ok time killer? Not too hard to understand, relatively, but I read the whole book first so I have about as much advantage as one could have.

There wasn’t too much visual artistry going on, but enjoy this image that pretty much sums it all up:


Aug 4, Thu of Week 6 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today’s story is お化けの行進 (:studio_microphone:).

Story impression

He survived!, thanks to a charm, and perhaps also his family’s providence

Yesterday, I watched some more anime, and continued reading JoJo for 7 more chapters. The truth is slow or fast reading depends on how much to want to look up or focus on vocabularies… It’s best to know vocabularies from advance, probably from elsewhere so as not to spoil the story.

But for JoJo, I wrote my thought summarization afterwards (in my Git).

Also, yesterday, I had allergic rhinitis, that didn’t only look bad, but also debilitating; so I took my afternoon off. (Also took a rapid antigen test, which is negative.) Today, it’s totally cured like nothing happened…


I have reached a milestone! 200 hours of listening done this year! :partying_face: This puts me halfway to my yearly goal of 400 hours so I am behind, but no so much that I don’t have a chance.

Today was more Yuyu and Prince of Legend. Prince of Legend continues to be fabulously wacky. They keep playing covers of 80s pop songs and “99 Luftballons” is an interesting choice to play over romantic scenes, gotta say.

I read your review and now I want to watch it even more :weary: Why do I love trashy crime so much. Though getting rid of the sexual elements is…interesting. That certainly would throw a wrench in things, like…literally all the killer’s motivations, means of coercion, and the final ‘reveal’. Errr…what.. I will say that at least one of the male actors has been pretty close to naked in at least one thing I’ve watched, and the lead actress was also the lead in the film adaptation of Dear Friends, which unless they also wildly changed it from book to movie, has high school prostitution as a main plot point. Then again…I never saw the movie as I hated the book. :person_shrugging:


August 3 :blossom: Home Post

Not a super notable day really, just watched part of a let’s play to get my daily requirement in :man_shrugging:

Whoo, congrats!! :tada: Very studious of you :eyes:

Ooooh yay, quite the accomplishment! Glad it went well :grin:

Woah that’s wild, congrats!! Very impressive :tada:


August 3 and 4 :orange_square:

Yesterday and today I listened to one track each day from かがみの孤城 (~ 20 minutes each) in bed, in a half-asleep state. The parts I was awake for, I understood much better than last time. I suppose it helped that nothing else was distracting my attention. I’m still not entirely clear on what is happening or who is who, but that’s okay. I need to keep reminding myself that I shouldn’t care about that. If some miracle happens (the book is 19 hours long after all) and suddenly what I hear becomes crystal clear, I can decide to relisten to the beginning to fill in the gaps. At this stage, it’s totally not worth it, and I’m not fascinated enough by what I do understand to read the book alongside. I have plenty of other books I can’t wait to read, after all.


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Day XLIV: イチゴチョコ :strawberry: :chocolate_bar:

ワンちゃん Math Mysteries!

Mr. Police-Senpai has a box of strawberry chocos, there’s supposed to be 15, though something seems suspicious… but counting to fifteen is so difficult! Good job ワンちゃん knows what to do.

And crazy leotard math wizard is back to wreck havoc with numbers and cows. :cow2:


I watched 30 minutes of Peppa Pig in Japanese (because I am not a child there is so much of a kids show I can stand to watch). I understood a lot of it either through the actual spoken Japanese or through the animation. Have to say though that kids speaking Japanese (or adults pretending to be kids not sure) is the most difficult to understand Japanese yet.

Additionally I started Momiko to Nihongo which has different levels so I could understand some of the podcasts.


I might need to add the book to my TBR list. It’s interesting that there are some pretty major differences between the book and film (though not necessarily surprising, given what you mentioned). Since I also thought the movie was pretty cheesy, I’d probably enjoy the book more.

Also, thanks for tagging me! I had no idea there was a listening challenge going on. Might have to enter the fray over here, too. :smiley:


:headphones: :beach_umbrella: softlyraining’s Beach Listens :loud_sound: :desert_island:

Excited to discover that there’s a listening challenge now! I’m a little late to the party, but better late than never, I reckon. :grin: The dates worked out in my favor for August: I spent the first three days working on my translation homework, which involved listening to sections of a film. Today’s listening practice (Aug 4) was another movie, this time for pleasure (37 Seconds on Netflix).

01 02 03 04 05 06 07
08 09 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31

Going forward, my main listening source will probably be Satori Reader. I’ll also probably go through some posts on here to see what others are listening to. For those who’ve been going the whole summer, keep it up! You’re all doing great!


August 4!

I did a lot of listening today, but all with english subtitles.
I usually go out for a walk every evening with my husband but he is away at a friend’s wedding for a few days so instead this morning I watched 4 episodes of Old Enough! while I was walking on a treadmill.
Then I spent this evening watching 4 episodes of Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the city with my daughter before she also goes away on a trip with a friends family tomorrow.

I’m hoping to use the next few days of being home alone to get lots of extra listening practise done while I’m lonely and the house is quiet!

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Home post

Week 6

Yuusuke & Kaito, ep. 15.

Finished this, then next time onwards it’s just YUYU’s podcast. I wonder if he will mention something about Kaito, this last episode didn’t mention anything and then Yuyu started like two months after they ended this.


Aug 5, Fri of Week 6 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today’s story is お豊虫 (:studio_microphone:).

Story impression

Pretty sure the islands mentioned in this story are 伊豆七島(いずしちとう) and 八丈島(はちじょうじま).

テントウムシダマシ (偽瓢虫) is a long vocabulary, that can probably be broken down into 天道虫🐞 (瓢虫) + ダマシ, where 天道(てんとう) means the Sun. The latter part (ダマシ) comes from (だま)し. [1]

Yesterday, I finished となりの怪物くん series.


The story is OK, and with romance; if not for wild, eccentric, male MC . Occasionally, I feel that the story isn’t progressing. The ani-songs and illustrations are OK, although I don’t really like the OP song.

Also, the ending was unexpected. [2]

So I will need to find a next series with JP sub.

Also tried watching an episode of Kimi ni Todoke (no sub). Somehow I struggled with this one more than Hunter x Hunter (1999). I generally love sweet stories, but I don’t like Sawako’s hoarse voice .

  1. Wiktionary: (Can this(+) etymology be sourced?) ↩︎

  2. It didn’t really end… ↩︎


August 4 :blossom: Home Post

I was very focused on new books today (!!) so I just watched part of a let’s play, pretty bare minimum :laughing: it all counts though!