🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

Jun 25, Sat of Week 13 of pre-Summer :cherry_blossom: 2022’s summary

I started recording Japanese’s read aloud; however, not only that I failed to read correctly sometimes, I also failed to read with passion – for example, the style in 入らず山の鬼婆’s native recording in Zakarius’s post earlier.

I will also consider singing, or singing with an instrument. 大槻(おおつき)マキ - Memories [1] caught my eyes ears recently.

I wil try to record everyday; therefore, a new calendar.

I started playing games with Japanese dub, like Yakuza (龍が如く) (and ATRI isn’t yet out of question); and there is a subtitle. Now, it might be impossible for me to turn off subtitle as well, as I understand too little. [2]

Watching anime without subtitle (Death Note, やがて君になる, 進撃の巨人), although I don’t understand enough, and might fail to hear even with rewinding a short audio segment repeated; I probably would continue to do it, but try to collect vocabularies in advance first. [3]

Podbeans, or of course YouTube, is still considered – it depends on occasions, or whether I only have a smartphone at the time as well. I still watch Japanese YouTube from time-to-time, if I catch a fellow WaniKani-er posting an interesting YouTube.

As far as my actual understanding goes, I probably understand quite well for kid’s YouTube, but quite poorly for everything else.

  1. One Piece S01 ED ↩︎

    • I also bought Marco VN (on Steam), and the vocabularies are within my range. Nonetheless, I returned for refund, as I find the story odd…
    • I successfully setup Textractor (for VN, and also saw the website for Yomichan). Didn’t really use it yet, but rather than using it full-blown, maybe just using it to comprehend backlogs better.
  2. I decided to drop Samurai Champloo, nonetheless. ↩︎