🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

Day: -15 and -14 :slightly_smiling_face:

During these last two days I listened to the first chapter of かがみの孤城 twice, and I’m quite happy with my level of comprehension (given how badly I did with listening only a week ago). The whole chapter (5 tracks) was roughly 2 hours. I listen while I do other stuff (no way I can stop everything and just listen, I get too restless), but I try to listen as actively as possible. I’ve listened to English audiobooks before and with those too I tended to lose concentration and had to replay bits a lot, so I’m quite happy that I’m not completely lost with an audiobook in Japanese.

I feel this audiobook was a really good choice for my level. The language is simple enough for the most part, the completely unknown words relatively few and far between. I realized that my problem in listening comes from processing speed, so to speak. I don’t translate in my head (I would have no hope to catch up if I did that), but I still take longer than speaking speed to process the words I’m hearing. So while I do recognize most of what is spoken, my brain doesn’t have the time to properly process it before the next bit is spoken. Still, I got the gist to an extent that I’m happy to continue to the next chapter, and I’m sure my processing speed will only increase with exposure.

Another thing I’m finding out (and that’s a good problem to have, I guess), is that the more I understand the more frustrated I get with the bits I don’t understand. I constantly need to remind myself that my attitude should be that of a child, enjoying the whole experience without being bothered by all the nuances I miss. It sometimes takes conscious effort, I admit. I had to resist looking at the book sample to fill in the gaps in my understanding. :sweat_smile:


Pretty rough study day for me today. I barely made it to completing all my reviews this evening, so I’m not going to push myself to do any extra tonight. I did have some real life conversations in Japanese today, though, so maybe that counts. I don’t usually count that stuff in my study log, because sometimes they seem to go super well, and sometimes they just… don’t. But today I think I understood basically everything, and was even able to respond appropriately (I think), so I’ll count it as a win. Still won’t mark it on my study log though :woman_shrugging:


I listen to audiobooks while going for walks, cooking, or cleaning. Sometimes also on the bus when I’m staring out the window. I need something else too.

Yay! I’m glad this one is working out! I really enjoyed that audiobook, I thought it was quite well produced.

For myself I recently started watching 卒業タイムリミット (trailer). It has 15 minute episodes which makes it easy to watch sneak in here and there. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to get very dark, but as it’s an evening drama perhaps I shouldn’t speak too soon. The overall atmosphere of the show feels pretty light, though.


I listened to a program last night about Japanese vending machines having bags of bugs in various
flavors. They focused on Spicy Bar-B-Q bugs. The presenters were not overly inclined to try them out.


Summary post

Ten days in! I thought maybe it was a good time for another update.

Kind of a neat milestone for me is that I’m getting into La Casa de las Flores enough that I keep finding myself wanting to watch more episodes past my daily minimum haha. Usually watching/reading in Spanish or Japanese is really exhausting for me (if I’m aiming for as much comprehension as possible), so it’s really cool to realize that I’ve gotten far enough with Spanish that I can watch episodes of that show and understand enough of it without having to pause and look up things, and that it’s not too tiring for me to watch it.

More La Casa de las Flores thoughts

I mentioned to my coworker, whose native language is Spanish, that I started watching this show, and she said it was a good choice, haha, because she likes it, and it’s her brother’s favorite show. She told me that one of the characters in particular has a way of speaking that’s considered stereotypical for upper class Mexicans, so I’ve been trying to pay attention to that to see if I can notice a difference between her speech and that of the other characters.

The plot of this show is structured so that pretty much every single episode introduces at least one significant twist, and I feel like I’ve been able to understand just about all of them, though I do often lose the nuance (like, one of the characters got arrested, and my comprehension wasn’t good enough to understand exactly why, because a lot of the legal stuff is just beyond me).

I am really enjoying it, though! It’s a genuinely compelling show. I really appreciate the strong focus on LGBTQ themes. It’s also a very visually appealing show with really colorful sets, though since my eyes are on the subtitles most of the time, I don’t get to appreciate the visuals as much, haha.

As far as Japanese goes, progress has been generally slower, but that’s not too surprising. I read/listened to a few more of the 童話, and I’m continuing to enjoy them. I feel like my reading comprehension without Yomichan is okay, my reading comprehension with Yomichan is somewhat decent, and my listening comprehension is… abysmal :sweat_smile:.

I ended up looking up a few of the stories on wikipedia, just to double check my understanding, and it was a relief to realize that my comprehension was completely fine, actually. I feel like those are a pretty good example of where my grammar is at now, and usually there are only a handful of unknown vocab words in them (though naturally the words I don’t know tend to be the ones that are pivotal to the story).

I got some pure listening comprehension practice in the form of CyberFight Festival, a huge crossover wrestling show (it had English commentary and some live translation on twitter, but both were of course at a delay, so it still counts for listening practice), as well as a TJPW VOD show that I watched a few days before it.

I also watched part of a TJPW press conference that I talked about in the pro wrestling thread. Mostly I wanted to see how one part of the presser that was described in the transcript actually played out. I turned on the youtube autocaptions for help, though they’re riddled with mistakes (really looking forward to the upcoming “タイトル町”).

And I watched the third episode of 夢プロレス-dream on the ring-. It was fun to learn more about 上原わかな! I thought it was sad that she faced opposition from her parents when she wanted to get into the entertainment industry. She seems like she has a decent skillset for wrestling, with experience in cheerleading and kickboxing and working as an idol. She also really loves food.

All in all, even if it’s not the best for strictly practicing your listening ability, I think one benefit of listening with subtitles/transcripts is that it’s forcing me to practice processing the language at the speed it’s spoken at. That in itself is a skill that has to be built up, I feel :sweat_smile:.

About two weeks of the challenge left for me!


Jun 19, Sun :cherry_blossom: calendar post

Week 12 of pre-Summer 2022’s summary

  • I watched 2 episodes of Death Note, and 2 episodes of Samurai Champloo; but even with poor listening, a lot of focus is needed. (I still insist that not turning on subtitle is a good idea. Though, it might also be a better idea to learn vocabularies, and listen / relisten.)
    • I also watched half of SPY x FAMILY, as the (manga reading) club has already started. However, even with vocabularies already carefully learnt, it is still possibly to not hear clearly.
  • I did watch some news on YouTube; but not to completion to count.
  • 三本塾 (YouTube) is also considered, as it appears that I can listen to it well.
  • I subscribed (via Android app, and Google Play’s payment) to 聞き放題 on Audiobook.jp today (this day, Sunday). Some are easier to listen than others; while some are more difficult that I am not sure if I am good enough to worth listening at all.
    • Of course, many aren’t included in 聞き放題 at all. This is in contrast to Bookwalker, where I decided not to subscribe to 読み放題 (at least not yet).
    • From Japan Foundation’s list, I started listening to Individual Projection.

In any case, I am aiming for listening that really counts, and I have (yearly) goals that can fail, to aim for.


NihongoLearner19 Home Post

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I really want to work on my listening, because while my reading is quite good (N3/N2, have read 3 light novels), my listening is more, ummm, close to N4. Thus, I’d like to challenge myself to watch an episode of 半分、青い every day without any subtitles. Also possibly another drama or anime depending on time/inclination. I want to work on my listening in my other languages as well, because it, too, sucks.

Japanese: Watch 1 episode of 『半分、青い』 every day without subtitles. (44/62 days)
French: Watch an episode of Chez le Loud without subtitles or listen to Le Radio Journal (43/62 days)
Spanish: Ver un video de YouTube (la cocina, los idiomas) (45/62 days)
Mandarin: Listen to an episode of a story from Little Fox Chinese (once without subtitles, once with). (45/62 days)


The last few days I haven’t listened as much as my goal, but I spent about 6 hours yesterday with some Japanese people and that included quite a bit of conversation, so I’ve decided to count it. We’ll see if I can get back onto a listening schedule, after last week was so stupid busy!


I rewatched an episode of 少女革命ウテナ today to see if I could rate it for Natively but it’s honestly hard to objectively rate a show that:

  1. I watched in middle school (subbed at the time)
  2. I rewatched in 2020 or 2021 when getting into subless TV shows
    Like are these words about swords and castles and stuff hard? Are the title cards with kanji hard? The shadow girls are still a pain to understand, but general dialogue is pretty easy…except for when it veers off into madness. Because such is the nature of that show :joy:

I also listened to this “podcast” by Yuyu because I was looking for shadowing material that was at a reasonable speed for me. Ideally I’ll find a woman I like to shadow some day, but so far all either talk too fast (or too slow), or talk in cutesy youtuber ways I have no desire to emulate. Recommendations welcome. This seemed gender neutral enough though, so I figured it’d work as really I’ve just been stressing lately when speaking and I remember shadowing helped words flow more naturally back when I actually bothered to do it regularly.
I think this podcast would probably be doable for a pretty wide range of learners fwiw, so feel free to check it and see if it might work for you.


Yes, Yuyu is a good one, I think.

Maybe you already tried them, but perhaps Japanese with Noriko or Let’s learn Japanese through small talk.


Listening and Kanji really improves other aspect, such as reading. I have not done an online class in about 2 months because finances but have been listening a lot and now at level 10 of wanikani. I realized yesterday when I was doing my N5 grammar with my online tutor that my reading of the practice scripts were much smoother/easier and my pronunciation was better…and then my tutor actually commented on this. (although he is Japanese he has a lot of international experience and thus compliments me only when it is actually warranted and not needlessly). SO yay!!! Let’s keep going guys.


What a nice thing to hear from your teacher!


Forgot to post in this thread. During the last 4 days I didn’t do as much listening as I hoped for, but I still listened to episodes 311 – 371 and also relistened to some episodes on my phone.


Noriko talks a bit too “teaching Japanese” style :sweat_smile: at least the sample I tried. The small talk women talk in a much more natural way, though, albeit with some English mixed in, so they might be promising, thank you! I’m not super into podcasts (even in English) but I think for shadowing it might still be a good option.


Jun 21, Tue of Week 13 of pre-Summer :cherry_blossom: 2022’s planning

Now, I have found audio tracks (on Audiobook.jp) with parellel text (on Bookwalker), although there might be more to be found in YouTube.

  • Committed
    • 2 episodes of Death Note (EP.6-7)
      • For the reference, 7 is about that (おんな)
    • 2 general Japanese YouTube (or other video/audio services), probably news, podcast, or language itself
  • Try to commit
    • SPY x FAMILY episode 1
      • I have listened to half of the episode just a few days ago, to the same point of reading in book club.
      • I don’t want to watch ahead, if I don’t know vocabularies, however. So, I avoid watching further than reading. Considering the current proper reading speed. That would still be within the end of episode 1.
    • 3 episodes of Samurai Champloo (EP.5-7) [1] I give up.
      • Truthfully, I want to avoid rushing as well. I would just put this in lower priority, nonetheless.
    • 1 episode of やがて君になる (EP.3)
      • Actually, it’s not that hard. It’s doable, once I have less priority queue.
    • 20-min of Audiobook.jp listening Not for now.
      • I have bought 聞き放題 after all.
      • Actually, I have already listened to around 10 minutes, but rewinded many times; before I decided to get the text on Bookwalker as well.
  • Considered
    • Black Jack OVA (1993)
    • キノの旅
  • Additional
    • 進撃の巨人 S01 EP.1


第13週目 20 :ear: 21 :headphones: 22 :headphones: 23 :headphones: 24 :headphones: 25 :ear: 26 :headphones:

:ear: ≧10 minutes; :headphones: ≧30 minutes

Recording (pronunciation / reading aloud)

第13週目 20 ・ 21 ・ 22 ・ 23 [2] 24 [3] 25 [4] 26 [5]

  1. Actually, the club is now on to 8-10, but I am not exactly sure that I will be able to catch up. ↩︎

  2. お月さまに化けたタヌキ

  3. じょうるり半七

  4. 十七毛ネコ

  5. 頭のいいヒツジ


How do you feel about there being multiple (usually 2) hosts? If that’s okay then I have a bunch of ones I listen to that might be worth a shot (though they are generally all games/anime/VN related so might not be of interest). Otherwise…maybe 4989 American life? It isn’t isn’t specifically learning focused (more of a diary type thing).

One thing that I have tried that has helped me find podcasts outside of the learning space is just to search by the name of games, shows etc that I’d like to hear people talk about (eg I found quite a few of the ones I listen to now by searching for ときめきメモリアルGS4). I’d expect that the same thing could work searching for names of films, shows that etc that you are interested in!

Edit: in fact I got curious and did a search for ミステリと言う勿れ in apple podcasts and quite a few things came up including this one which seems like it might fit your criteria? 大丈夫だよ大丈夫 or this one seems very clear Something good podcast


I feel like multiple hosts actually works better because you end up with more natural speech. People monologuing can be natural, but often there’s more exaggeration IMO, and you miss out on the little phrases that make conversation ‘flow’. 相づち and such.

I’ve actually heard 4989 before and not been into it :sweat_smile: but 大丈夫だよ大丈夫 seems intriguing (views on mental health in Japan? 他のマンガのトラウマシーンもご紹介) so will definitely give full listen (did a short sample just now). Something Good doesn’t seem quite my thing, but I appreciate you taking the time to look!
I think I might just take a dive down a rabbit hole and listen to a ton of samples to find some people I vibe with. :hole: :rabbit2:


Jun 22, Wed of Week 13 of pre-Summer :cherry_blossom: 2022

I realized it might be better to make it a real Listening Every Day Challenge. I will track a week at a time, although the real goal is this last 2 weeks + Summer’s first 2 months. After all, quantity matters a lot, at this stage.

Schedule on the week plan post.

Rather than ticking only for listening everyday, I would give credits for listening longer. I know about , but the icons are far more customizable and beautiful.

Repeating the same track doesn’t count; while anime, movies, or YouTube counts all the same.

  • I installed Podbean on Android, where I can choose Japanese region (and many other regions) to see Japanese podcasts (which are interesting and appear to be quite updated).
    • As far as I have tried, I can’t change Spotify’s region, but of course, there are already some Japanese podcasts. (Probably only as many as on YouTube.)
    • I have always been subscribed to YouTube, so technically, I can play podcasts on YouTube and turn off the screen.
    • Nonetheless, I am worried how much I can tolerate listening to relative poor quality and receiving insufficient information and fun.
  • I decided to unsubscribed from Audiobook.jp. I still have the trial period until 3 July. Of course, I can always resume before then.
  • I watched Death Note on Netflix today, where I have read ahead, but I don’t necessarily catch sounds that well. But not so bad, and I wish the quality will eventually improve.
    • At least, the goal is to know enough vocabularies before listening.
    • I don’t intend to watch ahead of reading, nor do I intend to read ahead of the book club, so there will be a limit…
    • Some other series I might read along watching includes SPY x FAMILY (there is book club, but I would whether it will off-shoot?); and 進撃の巨人 (no book club yet [1], so always my freedom). JoJo might be another option, but I don’t quite like the animation.

  1. albeit mario さん seems to want to read it ↩︎


Forgot to post again :sweat_smile:
During these two days I’ve listened to episodes 372 – 435.


:sound: Listening Room: Date 20220622 :loud_sound:

Day I: 入らず山の鬼婆 :mushroom:

Listening スタート!

To start with I’m gonna be listening to whatever daily story there is on Hukumusume and see how it goes from there, I’ll think about venturing into other content as I (hopefully) progress (I also need to find some listening resources that I’ll want to listen to, I’ll go searching later).

Today went as I expected it would really: that I can pick out certain words and follow the story to an extent, but then get hopelessly lost… only to pick it up again when a cluster of familiar words pop up again, to then get hopelessly lost once more. It’s mostly the in between the subject words that I can’t understand, I seem to be able to pick up on nouns best, but then never quite get what that noun is doing.

Well, it was about mushrooms, and Ojiisan in the mountains and a demon, I think I got the jist of it. Just the fine details escape me.