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I’m in exactly the same situation, tbh. I’ve decided to scale my studying back, and just enjoy my last year here. I’ll keep studying, but not with the intensity I have been. I can understand the instructions that the leader of my taiko group gives me, and what else do I really need :smile:


Right now NHK’s ラジオ第一 are lightheartedly discussing Anarchism, lol! I mean, lots of laughing and occasionally someone said “how cool!”, and someone else reminiscing learning about the concept from their older brother who went studying overseas and bartending part-time in the UK (introduced through subculture and punk music), or at least that’s from the little that I understood.

Argh, I’m not at the level to fully comprehend, but this makes me stoked to continue my Japanese listening practice a whole lot more!

(Need to use a VPN with Japan’s connection)


May 12, Fri of Week 7 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

吾輩は猫である Ch.2 [2/8].

Also checked out that Shiba inu manga. It’s doable if I read (without rewind), just fast. Listening is just tight, maybe doable with 0.75x, but then I won’t learn new vocabularies. To compare with Kokoro and Wagahai, they both have weird Kanji making it difficult for reading, but Kokoro is more of the same level in listening, but not fast.

Time flies fast, didn’t do much these days. Perhaps Sunday.



I thought this is just another murder mystery, but that sounds… interesting :sweat_smile:

By the way did I ever tell you how much I admire you (and everybody else) for being able to listen to him? In my ears he has such a complacent smugness in his voice, I seriously cannot listen to more than 30 seconds :woozy_face:


I may have given the wrong impression with my choice of words :rofl:
But there really is a lot of excitement, and quite a lot of shrieking.

Now it is her who’s unbearable, yes. It seems she forgot how to speak and only shouts in hysterics. Even the author frequently comments about suffering eardrums, but I wish the voice actors didn’t take it so literally. As for 月夜, she talks so much that I’m mostly used to her by now. But I’m finding that I very much prefer male voices generally. Even the gruff policeman is better than those women. :sweat_smile:


I had similar feelings when I lived in Japan. I wasn’t there for language training, but I persevered with lessons. It felt like a duty to me. If I’m going to live in a country, I ought to at least attempt the language.

Now I study because I hope to go back for visits and I’m interested in eventually translating some Japanese poetry. Who knows what will come? Anyway, good luck with your final year.


May 12th!

Today I had a class with my tutor, where we focused on conversation. We talked about book clubs and my meetup with @NicoleIsEnough.
She also recommended I watch MASHLE because she really enjoyed the first few episodes, and gave me a bit of a synopsis of the story.

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Summary Post

May 12th
What did I listen to?: Shiba inu manga video - take 2
How much time did I spend listening?: ~20 min

Well slowing it down absolutely did help me process the words - I thought 0.75 might sound slow, but it actually just sounds like a normal talking speed :joy: I could at least follow along with the text on the screen, but unfortunately I still didn’t comprehend much, there were just too many unknown vocab words. I liked the tanuki part though :joy:


:hot_pepper: May 12

Big catch-up reading day today. Only a little listening practice.
Played Zero Escape: 999 for an hour but maybe ten minutes of that had spoken dialogue.
Running/gardening season has put its usual time hit on everything else.


13/05/2023 :man_fairy:t5: Home Post Link

resource: Japanese with Shun

no. of episodes: 1

thoughts: This ep was about morning routine. I found it a little easy to understand. Also super sad that my trip is coming to an end TT


12/05/2023 :man_fairy:t5: Home Post Link

resource: Nihongo Con Teppei

no. of episodes: 1

thoughts: forgot to update yesterday’s practice aaaah, sorry for the double (and unorganised) update :sob:


Last night I (finally) watched the second episode of Yoshimune Chronicle. This episode started right off the bat with mushy paper towel mouth man and I didn’t understand one word. Thankfully the lead, Yoshimune himself, does talk pretty clearly so I can kind of follow the conversation.

But then just when you think you might be understanding something in comes the yakuza thug brigade with incomprehensible rolling-R one-syllable grunting, so I got lost once more.

This episode had a Robin Hood kind of story going on, the grumpy doctor isn’t all that he seems, he is actually super doctor here to save the day from the corrupted rich guys. A shame there’s only two episodes, this is kind of fun, there’s lots of cheese and sillyness but it gets pretty serious all at the same time.

It’s kind of hard to tell if I’m improving or not, on one hand I seem to hear more words but on the other I’m still not that sure what everyone is talking about until I read the subs. I’ll have to go hunting for more fun things to watch.


May 13, Sat of Week 7 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

歴史 [61-63/90] - 明治と憲法・条約改正

Places and names

Also watched a science experiment, though I have to take attention to get most out of this one. Looking is difficult and I have to know most vocabularies beforehand.


Summary Post

May 13th
What did I listen to?: Learn Japanese Naturally supermarket walk and talk
How much time did I spend listening?: ~13 min

The English subs were really annoyingly placed in this video, like I just wanted to look at the items to see what they were but the English subs were like…right there (and I was having a hard time hearing because supermarket noises) so my eyes got immediately drawn to them instead. -_- They should have put the Japanese subs on the bottom.
I need more recommendations for walking and talking videos, I’ve pretty much used up the ones on this channel :joy: I can tell my brain likes them, because this is by far the most consistent I’ve ever been with listening practice


:cherry_blossom: Day 43, 5 月 13 日 :herb:

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:mount_fuji: Nihongo con Teppei - Episode 25 - 26
Relisten, I think I got the gist of it this time. The problem was a part in the middle of episode 25 where he started to mumble incomprehensibly and said something about poltergeister??? I assume it was off-topic talk. He also spoke very fast in the last minute of the episode.

Episode 26 - Japanese people pronounce cereal how???


May 13th!

Today I had a lesson with one of my tutors. He’s been traveling for work recently so its been a while since we had a lesson together so it was really nice to catch up. We talked about what we’ve been up to recently, and then also looked at some Japanese idioms together.

This evening I also listened to 2 episodes of JapanesePod101’s Lower Intermediate Series. One was about writing a postcard, which was interesting.

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I know もしもしゆうすけ does vids like that if you haven’t seen him yet:


May 14, Sun of Week 7 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

日本語の森 debate on 空気読めない. Then, Commonly mistaken Japanese grammars | よく間違える日本語の文法7選 - YouTube, so I’ve found a new channel to subscribe to.

吾輩は猫である Ch.2 [3/8].

Parade 1 - 1-2, which is in 聴き放題. I also have bought the book a while ago. (And listened to a little of Parade 1 - 1 before)

YUYU on 言霊.


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resource: Nihongo con Teppei

no. of episodes: 1