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:cherry_blossom: Day 44, 5 月 14 日 :herb:

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:hibiscus: Comprehensible Japanese

Because I had such trouble with てっぺい recently, I decided to go back to this series. The visuals help a lot and I find it personally much more fun to listen to.


Summary Post

May 14th
What did I listen to?: もしもしゆうすけ four-character idioms in Yanaka
How much time did I spend listening?: ~10 min

Yesss this is exactly the type of content I was looking for, thank you @pocketcat :bowing_woman: This one was a bit harder than some of the Learn Japanese Naturally ones because the content of the talking is not really linked to the visual of the video, but that’s ok. Ngl, a few minutes into the video I was like wait I think I’ve been here, it looks so familiar and then I got kind of distracted trying to figure out if I had in fact been there (I have LMAO, I went back at the end and checked the name of the place, which I must have missed the first time) I did not know any of these expressions, my favorites were 危機一髪 and 十人十色 - I definitely appreciate the genius of yojijukugo more in writing than in speech though :joy:


May 14th!

Today I watched the first episode of MASHLE - It had English subs because I couldn’t find it with Japanese subs. It was quite fun, I think I’ll keep watching it despite the lack of Japanese subs.

I also listened to an episode of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners.

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:hot_pepper: May 14

Played Zero Escape: 999 yesterday and today. Finished last weeks section and this weeks section therein. This weeks section was shortened by a bad ending.

Also visited a friend yesterday and they dropped a HIDARI (Pilot Film) - The Stop-Motion Samurai Film - YouTube on me. One of those, “you’re into this stuff, right? you can understand this?” moments. I knew I was doomed right when the heavily stylized cursive kanji titles appeared. The dialogue is sparse but I caught none of the old man and only a few words from the mc. Deflating.
I brought my copy of ジム・キャリーはMr.ダマー just in case I happened upon a way to casually bring it into conversation so after Hidari we watched twenty minutes of Mr.ダマー. スッキリ.

Let words hit my ears from a random Edgar Allen Poe Japanese translation while on the road for a couple hours today. Hectic driving conditions. kripes


Wow, that’s an amazing movie! I love how the characters look like wood carvings, and then all of a sudden something moves :open_mouth:
But yeah, it’s really hard to understand, I got maybe a third or less.


May 15, Mon of Week 8 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

Parade 1 [3].

日本語の森 debate on 一人で食べる. Native’s speaking is still easy to listen to, but too low volume somehow…

随分便利な (what) か?


:cherry_blossom: Day 45, 5 月 15 日 :herb:

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:hibiscus: Comprehensible Japanese

A simple one and a challenging one. I especially liked the “guess who?” video. Having to solve a puzzle or a challenge is much more fun than listening without thinking.

It was also great for the many repetitions of the vocab “wear”: wear a hat, wear a shirt, wear a skirt, wear shoes… all these have different words in Japanese and maybe things like this exercise will make them stick better for me than what I tried before.

  • ()る - Bekleidung für den Oberkörper
  • ()く - Bekleidung für den Unterkörper, Schuhe
  • (かぶ)る - Kopfbedeckungen

15/05/2023 :fairy:t5: Home Post Link

Thanks to @liveunderwater, I watched the video they tagged in their post, and also the Behind the Scenes of HIDARI: The Stop-motion Samurai Film. So so cool!!

But obviously, my listening skills are nowhere close to those videos lol. So I ended watching some random videos like “How Did You Become Fluent In Japanese?” and “What’s it like being LGBTQ+ in Japan?” from TAKASHii from Japan, hoping that people spoke in Japanese, but they didn’t (and obviously I coudn’t stop watching because of the recommendations)

Recently, I listened to a song by Atarashii Gakko (blaming Insta reels), and I love the girls so much! They’re all super fun and adorable. So I watched this vlog by Kanon because I realized I spent almost an hour watching things about Japan in English and didn’t actually get any real practice in for today’s routine hjshsjhs.


Is this new words in Japanese AND in German? :grin:

btw I only noticed it on the third item :sweat_smile:


Alright, I might as well hop in late and talk about what I’m up to here too like I am the reading challenge. I’ve been more or less listening every day anyway.

A lot of it is Splatoon 3 videos, haha. I’m still playing that game too much, I might have over 1000 hours logged don’t tell anyone, so it’s a nice way to pick up more ways others play and practice my listening all at once. Today through this video I discovered a new channel – he seems really good at the heavy splatling (basically one of the game’s minigun equivalents), which I really like playing, so that’s nice! Kind of amused by how often he does these weird forced HA HA HA laughs in this video, but it’s all good. I can more or less understand fine? Definitely not 100% but I feel I’ve certainly gotten better. You have to be into this specific niche to get much use out of these videos because there is so much game specific vocab, names of weapons and the like. By now I’ve picked up on a lot of them at least.

If nothing else, watching a lot of Splatoon videos has taught me the word 打開 (だかい, basically breaking a stalemate) really well.


Last night I had an itch… an itch for 80s OVA ultraviolence. I keep thinking I’ve watched all these long forgotten OVAs but then I stumble onto a new one tucked away in some shady, dark alleyway of YouTube.

This one was from '86, and had no plot. Just violence. And cool. It had cool in the bucket loads, with an extra layer smothered on top. Like as if every scene the animators thought, ‘yeh, but how do we make this cooler?’. At the beginning there was some text on screen and I was happy that I could actually read it in time. But that was pretty much all the plot this OVA gave: generic some far off planet in the generic far off future with generic genetically modified super soldiers and generic corrupt government experiments.

But what set it apart was the sheer amount of ridiculous this thing threw at you. I imagine the writing board for this anime must have gone like this:
(also imagine they must have all been wearing aviator shades, yakuza suits and smoking cigars while sitting in shiny sports cars to come up with this stuff)
We need tanks, but give the tanks steroids and put tanks on the tanks… and the mega-tanks need to be fighting mechs… and there needs to be random cool guys on motorbikes… and the main guy (you know he’s the main guy because his chest is as wide as a bus) has a high powered machine gun while on the bike, but make him stand on top the bike as it rips 100mph through a battlezone… with shades on. But shooting the mechs isn’t cool enough, so make him stab them with a combat knife until they explode.

It was wild. I want to know which suit read this outlandish proposal of this OVA and was like, ‘yeah we’ll fund this’ and threw cash at it.
The best part was the music though. Whoever wrote the music needs to write the music for everything because it was running on full cylinder awesome throughout the whole thing. Shredding guitar solos, sax solos, retrosynth solos, slap bass… it had it all.

Japanese-wise I was really surprised with how much I understood, which was quite a lot, maybe 70% pushing on 80%. These things are usually quite difficult because of the tinny sound quality and gruff angry mumbly men, but this didn’t have either. The gruff angry men must have had vocal coaches or something, so they were gruff angry well-spoken men.


Old mumbly men are the final boss of Japanese, don’t worry about it. You’ll see me and @Zakarius complaining about it from time to time because we both like genres that feature lots of old mumblers

speak of the devil


May 15th!

Today I listened to one episode of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners, and also another episode of JapanesePod101’s Lower Intermediate series.
It was about writing a postcard again.

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:hot_pepper: May 15

Checked out the Splatoon 3 video linked above. The Splatoon games have always interested me. I steer away from purchasing them because I know I would dump massive amounts of time playing. Watching game play with Japanese commentary turns out to be a match for me.
Continued with the theme and watched a few Mario Kart 8 videos. I’m ok putting a lot of practice time into Mario Kart and apparently I need it.

Tired 2am brain sentences.

Ahh good, then I’m still at the part before their HP bar is even exposed.


Yeah I love the series! It’s so fun and really unique within the shooter genre. It’s definitely taking up all of my time though; you’re right on that. Glad you liked the video! I’ve been exploring these pretty much daily so I’ll surely be sharing some more.

I’ve never been particularly great at Mario Kart but I did have a good time playing 8 casually. I once actually had the Switch commercial experience where I was playing in a coffee shop and a guy came over and asked to race me, haha. IIRC he won :sweat_smile:


You can’t just come in here and introduce us to this completely buckwild thing and not do a namedrop. Please tell us where you found it/what it’s called, it sounds like a lot of fun.


:cherry_blossom: Day 46, 6 月 16 日 :herb:

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:hibiscus: Comprehensible Japanese

Not only was the first video about what’s in the bag, but also various ways to talk about the bag itself: how big/small, color, how it’s worn, verbs to interact with it. And then of course talking about the items in the bag and what they’re used for.

The second video was all about how to get from A to B (walk? drive? fly?) and what the relation between places was (near? far?).


May 16, Tue of Week 8 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

How to improve efficacy in memorization, from that a certain man I have been watching.

I also watched Behind the scenes of HIDARI, but that’s difficult for me. No native JP sub, only one translated from English.

歴史 [64-66/90] - 日本と清・韓国・ロシア

Places and names

Parade 1 [4/6].


Today I watched the great video that @liveunderwater shared:

I was also pretty stumped with the text at the start, I think I just got through line 2 before it all faded away. Also can’t say I really understood the old guy either, way too mumbly… well, sawdusty. But it was really cool so I don’t mind that I didn’t understand much :laughing:
A wood-MECH has to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen.
Though slightly disappointed no one said ‘groovy’ when chainsaw arm happened.

Sorry :laughing:
I usually don’t add the names to the ones from non-official sources, even if they are on YouTube and these videos are perhaps the only hope of anyone actually ever being able to watch these things.

But this one was: 装鬼兵M.D.ガイスト or MD Geist - The Most Dangerous Ever for the English name. The vid on YouTube was of the original lazerdisc release but fine-tuned with some aspects of the directors cut for the most ultimate version.


You weren’t kidding, that sure is some ridiculous action scenes. But you know what? They make it work. I’ve only noticed in hindsight “huh, maybe that is a bit over the top” but in the moment, yeah knife fighting a mecha-tank is absolutely sensible in this environment. :sunglasses:

Also, thanks to this I’ve been fondly reminiscing about all the fun OVAs I’ve watched. Maybe I’ll start hunting them down again.