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April 19th!

Today I watched the final episode of Rilakkuma and Kaoru. I’ve really enjoyed it, so I think I’ll watch Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure next.

I also ended up watching the video linked above by @Zakarius, because who can resist clicking on such a cute dog? :grin:

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:hot_pepper: April 19

Played a few more hours of Zero Escape: 999. Learned real history and science from this game today. Listening went more smoothly than yesterday too. Maybe I just started to feel a rhythm with the game flow.

Also watched episodes eight and nine of Quartet on Netflix. At some point, in the span of time between starting this series and now, something must have clicked. While I did my viewing with subs, they were merely glanced at, rather than read, and I felt invested in the story more than ever.


20/04/2023 :fairy: Home Post Link

2 episodes of Nihongo Con Teppei today.

I’ve also started watching some on-going anime, and although it’s for entertainment, I’ve been trying to focus on just the audio sometimes. It’s actually pretty fun to concentrate and notice vocab or grammar every now and then!

also I’m enjoying Skip to Loafer v v v v much


Apr 20, Thu of Week 4 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

That Sakura and doggy clips shared earlier. Also subscribed, because I like it.

こころ (夏目漱石) : (中) 両親と私 Ch.15-18 (end of 中).

歴史 [23/90] - 鎌倉時代 [3/5]

Places and names

Then, listen to 6th Night of 夢十夜 which has 運慶; on Soseki project website, so the meaning is clear.


:cherry_blossom: Day 20, 4 月 20 日 :herb:

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:deciduous_tree: Tobira - 会話練習(かいわれんしゅう)

Two relatively short conversations of differing levels of politeness.


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April 19th
I listened to Nihongo con Teppei episodes 145-150 and Japanese with Shun episodes 6, 7 and 9.
Episodes 7 and 9 were very similar because they covered the topics work and dreams as a child respectively. So he ended up talking about his work in both of them.

April 20th
I couldn’t resist watching the puppy video. :dog: So cute! Thank you, @Zakarius!
Afterwards I watched Akanes Kanagawa vlog but I didn’t like it. It seemed like there were two paid promotions going on in the same video which felt a bit too much for my taste. They also started speaking chinese at one point.
My understanding was okay I think. It wasn’t as good as other videos I’ve watched so far but it wasn’t terrible. (Of course I didn’t understand the chinese part at all because I don’t study the language. But at least I got a bit of reading practice because I tried reading the japanese subtitles instead.)


April 20th!

Today I watched the first episode of Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure. It was cute and I’m glad to see that other characters like Tokio and Hayate-kun are still included.

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April 20 :european_castle: :headphones:

I finished my first audiobook! 19 hours of listening, phew! Towards the end, there were parts I didn’t even bother reading, hearing them was enough. To be fair, the book was on the easy side, but it’s still definite progress compared to the beginning.

Too bad I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I could have done without the sentimental music and all the sobbing and shouting and timid whispering. I can understand emotion without it being shoved down my throat, thank you. I’ll definitely look for less theatrical audiobooks in the future.

I already have another audiobook underway (not as easy though, so I don’t expect to not need the text at any point), and I’m thinking of possibly making it a habit if I can.


Yikes! That would annoy me to no end. My biggest pet peeve: airplane sounds when a character goes to another city/country. It’s like they’re afraid I’ll think the character magically transported or something.


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So busy, so tired :sleeping:


Word(s) of the Day:
人工甘味料(じんこうかんみりょう)ー artificial sweetener​ (甘味料 ー sweetener)


:hot_pepper: April 20

Put some more time into Zero Escape: 999. Can’t really say how much listening practice it ended up being. I reached the end of the week’s assigned section after around an hour and stopped there.

Though I had time to watch a movie tonight I opted to finish the Quartet series and then re-watch the second episode of 極主夫道 the live action series. 極主夫道 has never been available in my IME the way it’s written until just now btw. I’ve had a reason to use the user defined dictionary for a while but only just thought to apply it. :cake: :ice_cream: Comprehension levels were not great during either show but I laughed and I cried. Having read 極主夫道, I always expect to be better with it than I end up being. The live action version though, while it draws from the same well as the anime, it has additional major characters and slight variation from the manga punchlines.


:rofl: Well, no airplane in this one, but there were background sounds throughout, some of them even causing me to look around for the source before realizing they were part of the audiobook. I think this counts as good production that paid attention to detail, but yeah, it just annoyed me.


Apr 21, Fri of Week 4 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

こころ (夏目漱石) : (下) 先生と遺書 Ch.1-2. Only half a track. Gotta review.

歴史 [24-25/90] - 鎌倉時代 [4-5/5]

Places and names

April 21 :old_key: :video_game:

This week’s portion of 極限脱出 9時間9人9の扉. Barely any lookups, and only cursory reading. Either my listening is finally getting better, or it was an easy bit. :slight_smile:


21/04/2023 :fairy: Home Post Link

2 episodes of Nihongo Con Teppei today! It’s getting just a little easier to listen these days, but I’m still finding it difficult to listen for more than 10 mins lol


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Word(s) of the Day:
蒸らす(むらす)ー to cook by steam
無洗米(むせんまい)ー pre washed rice
純粋(じゅんすい)ー pure; true; genuine; unmixed​
炊飯器(すいはんき)ー rice cooker
工程(こうてい)ー process; operation; stage of a process
圧力鍋 (あつりょくなべ)ー pressure cooker


April 21st!

Today I had a lesson with my tutor, and we did some exam-style listening questions.
We also talked about several topics including my husbands birthday, plans for the weekend, and caterpillar cakes.

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:hot_pepper: April 21

Made a trip to Chinatown for tea and snacks. Listened to thirty minutes or so of The Murders in the Rue Morgue from the Japanese translated Edgar Allen Poe collection. Second time through now. Noticeable improvement.

Endured two thirds of the video javerend shared. There was listening comprehension involved until aspects of the video production forced me to quit.

Wasn’t much today but it will have to do.


Today was a very slow day. I listened to this Roppongi Vlog Video while mostly ignoring the subtitles and also listened to Nihongo con Teppei episodes 195 -199 while strolling trough the park ~ I want to try and be mkre consistent with updating in this thread from now on! :sloth:


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April 21st
I watched two Comprehensible Japanese videos about holidays in Japan. One was about Setsubun and the other one was about Halloween.

April 22nd
Today I watched more videos than usual. I was quite motivated because most of them didn’t feel that challenging and I’m in a good mood because the weather is great today.
I watched a lot of stuff on Naoko’s channel today.
The first video was about simple conversations and I felt pretty accomplished because I could understand everything. Of course it’s very basic stuff but I wouldn’t have been able to understand everything this well a year ago.
After that I clicked on the pizza vlog because pizza is delicious. :pizza: It turned out to be frozen pizza (boo!) but I still learned quite a few new words and could understand everything pretty well.
The third video was about 三色丼 which is a popular dish to cook at home in Japan. I’ve never heard of it before but it seems like an easy recipe and it looks delicious. Same as before, understanding wasn’t a big problem and I learned some new words.
Then I wanted something a little more challenging so I picked Akane’s video about apartments in Tokyo where she explained some useful vocabulary too. Some parts were a bit tricky - especially when they talked about the deposit and other money related stuff. When I rewatched it and read the subs I was able to catch a lot more.