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Apr 22, Sat of Week 4 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

こころ (夏目漱石) : (下) 先生と遺書 Ch.3-4. Also visited soseki website and tried to add timing to the audio with text. I got too technological technical, and my comprehension might decrease. Just let it flow normally, and comprehension would be better. More listening time, though.

歴史 [26-27/90] - 室町時代 [1-2/6] (南北朝時代). As well as related audiobook.jp and YUYU (日本史 Vol.5-6). YUYU played at 1.1x.

Places and names

April 22nd!

Today I watched episode 2 of Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure and then watched this video 【大流行】 斎藤さんゲームやってみた!! - YouTube about a clapping game named “Saito-san Game” that was linked in the Komi Can’t Communicate bookclub as its being played in this weeks chapter. I then ended up watching several other videos of people playing it, it looks like fun!

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22/04/2023 :fairy: Home Post Link

late update, but I listened to one episode about living with corona virus from Japanese with Shun.

I thought I’d skip this one but I didn’t (for aesthetic purposes - for the consistent “played” icon on Spotify lol).

It was easy to understand. A lot about living one’s life, trying to survive, finding joy again and all that - and it was easy because these are very common themes in anime and oh lord I’ve seen a lot of shonen :laughing:


:hot_pepper: April 22

The Terminator (1984)

Difficulty :crying_cat_face:
Replay Value :ice_cube:
Subtitles :pizza:

It would be funny if I did something like that.

Seriously the subtitles could have been pizza.

The sound design is lovely but all of the gun fire and explosions left my ears hurting. There are frequent action sequences making this movie a poor choice as a language learning resource. It’s all part of the discovery.

There were a few scenes that I scrubbed thoroughly. Mostly for foul language. It is a new curiosity I have searching out dubbed vulgarities. Good unique examples have been elusive but in this movie one gets to hear 間抜け as part of a replacement for something as crass as it gets. Otherwise, its a rule to only use バカ and 野郎, right? Whether its The Legend of Zelda or The Terminator when it comes to foul mouthed antagonists they all sing the same refrain. バカ野郎.

Did I just go on a profanity filled rant?


April 22 :film_strip:

Watched すずめの戸締まり at the cinema yesterday (thanks to @myria for mentioning it, or I’d never have noticed it was on). It was visually beautiful, as expected, and much funnier than expected given the subject matter. The trip across Japan was a nice treat too.
I was also impressed that much of the time I didn’t need to look at the subtitles at all. :smiley:


Although I must say that the creator’s faible for long thin objects stretching across the sky and sparking off smaller objects felt a bit like a reused theme to me. But absolutely beautiful to look at!

Indeed :blush:

And with the dialects :rofl: Also I liked it that they connected the story to the strong earthquakes that had happened in the past.

Yep, I thought so too, it was only for his prayer and some other complicated story parts that I needed them at all.

Oh and did you catch that the names of the cats are 大臣 - Jisho.org and 左大臣 - Jisho.org i.e. Minister of the Left - Wikipedia ? Would have never realized this if @Myria hadn’t pointed it out to me… This is quite a bit deeper than I initially thought from the story alone.


Had a really affirming interaction at a bar I went to a lot with a friend of mine. I went alone for the first time, and it wasn’t busy, so the owner spent a lot of time talking to me. I learned about his past as a successful restauranteur and his ideas about the history of Japan and the city I live in. It was fun! And it was one of those times where I was like, I’m struggling every day, but look at me living life.

Anyway, I’m counting it as listening for the sake of this challenge. At some point I’ll actually update my main post :eyes:


I never realized that, no! Even in the credits the names were in katakana if I remember correctly. I wonder what this means :thinking:
Wasn’t the name given by random people meeting the cat? Or was it the cat’s real name?


I thought it was the cat who said that that’s its name but not 100% sure :thinking:
Maybe @Myria remembers this?

I took it to mean that they were serving the country. You know, first everybody thinks that Daijin is the bad guy but he really showed them the way to all the open doors that they needed to close. Plus, in the end he sacrificed himself by volunteering to seal the worm again. Also, Sadaijin is obviously much more powerful so he being the Minister of the Left (i.e. the second-most powerful person in the state) also makes sense.

But why Sadaijin was in the aunt, is a question we maybe should not think about too deeply :laughing:


Good insight. And it’s true that ministers are often seen as the bad guys, when ideally they should be doing their best for the country. And sometimes actually doing your best does look bad from the outside, especially when you’re inconveniencing people by doing so.

Seriously, this is my one question. Why did he (or she? no idea) make the aunt express her worst thoughts in that way? (I loved how she later admitted that while she did sometimes think this way, it was only a small part of what she felt. Very honest and realistic). And why did Daijin first hiss at the aunt/Sadaijin? I’m not sure what was going on there.


Apr 23, Sun of Week 4 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

こころ (夏目漱石) : (下) 先生と遺書 Ch.5-9.

歴史 [28-29/90] - 室町時代 [3-4/6] (貿易・商業・農業).

Places and names


  • 中継貿易(なかつぎぼうえき)



  • 李成桂(りせいけい) (イ・ソンゲ) = Taejo of Joseon - Wikipedia
    • 高麗(こうらい) => 朝鮮国(ちょうせんこく) = Joseon - Wikipedia
    • ハングル文字(もじ) = Hangul - Wikipedia
    • 日朝貿易(にっちょうぼうえき)

YUYU on 藪の中 and 竹森.


23/04/2023 :fairy: Home Post Link

Same as yesterday - 1 episode from Japanese with Shun. It was about childhood and present dreams.

Had me thinking how I don’t want to dream about labor and capitalism, and that I’d rather just fantasize about things and people I love and what sort of hobbies I want to be more involved in. But yeah idk I guess everything revolves around how and how much money one can make, so I’ve been thinking that maybe I’d just like to get a work (similar to Shun’s) where I don’t have strict timings and stuff.

It was mostly easy to understand? But I did come across a lot of new words, so I’m excited about learning them!


Last night I watched another OVA on YouTube, this one was from the mid-80s too, but this time it was in SPACE.

The plot was… I have no idea what the plot was. It was all over the place all of the time. Like as if they had a 12 episode show planned, but then it got cancelled and so they just shoved all the cels together and hoped for the best (and I am sure some cels from some other anime got put in there).

I think I only understood about 30%, it was pretty hard to find any context for a basis to understand from. A lot of the characters enjoyed shouting loudly too, and shouting tends to get real muffled with low sound recording quality (which this had).

On the plus side there was pretty rocking music throughout. Spaceship chases are increased by 200% coolness with shredding guitar solos.


April 23rd!

Today I watched another episode of Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure.
I was able to understand quite a lot just from listening, though I had to check the subs for some of the longer sentences.

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:cherry_blossom: Day 23, 4 月 23 日 :herb:

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:arrow_right: How to make a carved wooden mask Part 1, Part 2

I really enjoy handcraft videos. Even if sometimes I have to find a pillow to scream into because of the horrible safety measures. Here he holds the wooden block with his foot while he carves it, with the blade going towards his foot. Anyway it was really easy to understand for the most part, but the longer sentences were naturally more difficult.


April 23 :evergreen_tree: :headphones:

Apparently I caught the audiobook bug :sweat_smile:
I started to read my 神去なあなあ日常 book, and it felt a little too…silent. I knew there was a nice-sounding audiobook available, so despite having already read about half the book, I went and bought the audiobook too…:see_no_evil:

It’s really good. The male narrator is a refreshing change, and all the other characters sound very authentic too. I especially appreciate being able to hear the dialect. I already liked the book, but with the audio it’s an even better experience. I think this will also be a good book to idly relisten to when out on walks etc, as it’s less about plot and more about atmosphere.


Week 3 Recap

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This week was a little challenging. I listened to something five out of seven days, and hit my content and time goals three days. I had a lot of end-of-semester work this week (I’m a teacher), but my last class is tomorrow, so I’m hoping to reestablish my Japanese study routine this week.

A few observations: 1) Even just a few minutes a day helps, and 2) Listening has started to become enjoyable. I still guess a great deal with the native-level material, but it’s extremely satisfying when I guess semi-correctly.


I skimmed the 100+ posts I missed here, but definitely didn’t get everything. On my trip I actually did manage to listen to Japanese most days, but primarily because watching the hoarder house cleaners and other mindless Japanese youtube videos is something I do to relax at night :joy:

Today I started watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3B3PZZv5ig which is a bit sad as I had no idea Johnny’s had such a horrible scandal associated. Those poor boys. Unfortunately the video has hard English subs which I try not to read but it’s quite difficult to as my brain can read English in a flash whereas comprehending spoken Japanese takes longer. If anyone is interested in watching he has stated that he won’t go into detail about any of the acts, so if that concerns you you can still watch, but the content is still uncomfortable by nature.

I’m not sure the narrator of 64 is capable of emotion, so you’ll probably enjoy it :joy:
edit: hopefully you can listen to the sample from here

I personally love the audio drama style of audiobooks, but it’s not for everyone.


:cherry_blossom: :seedling: 4月22日 and 4月23日 :seedling: :cherry_blossom: (Home Post Link)

I did manage to do a little listening yesterday when I stopped for lunch, but then quickly went out of good service. Did a little bit after getting back today, but oh man I’m so tired. Looks like 朝ミオ is back for tomorrow so that’s nice at least :grin:



Yes, it’s perfect! Only slightly more emotion than a robot :joy:
推し、燃ゆ is a bit like that too. I really appreciate leaving the imagination work to me, it’s much closer to a pure reading experience.

That said, I’m really enjoying the 神去なあなあ日常 audiobook, even though it’s more dramatized than these. It’s definitely nothing as extreme as かがみの孤城, but this may be just because people in the mountains lead a more leisurely life anyway, so don’t tend to get into hysterics over nothing. The few background sound effects are very pleasant too, because they tend to be running water or cicadas.