🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

:sound: 12月03日
YUYUの日本語Podcast , Vol. 49-50.

What a difference going for a walk on the weekend, sigh. The amount of freaking cars goes down dramatically, which is extremely appreciated in a city like mine. It’s not a huge city but it still a big city with way too many cars, and it coincides that when I go out in the morning is one of the time frames with the highest traffic and it’s terrible. Today was chill, less people outside and less cars, my type of walk :relieved: .


Dec 3, Sat of Week 10 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Yesterday, I watched Youtube episodes on 「理由」 grammar points, which I tried to learn earlier this week without YouTube. Perhaps, I like this one’s 可愛さ best.

I figured that I would want to read up 類語・言い換え articles as well, but explanation as a grammar point by themselves takes priority.

Somehow, I got an impression that Taiwan people learn Japanese a lot, and many are quite advanced.

Today, I watched a little more on ~によって, and also 30 minutes of かがみの孤城, finishing December / Volume 上.


I don’t often (or even at all) post here, but getting an audible subscription has kept me on track with listening every day on the past month.
I just checked my stats, and I managed something like 25h of listening time :joy:


Either this is a totally normal and healthy number or I also have an audiobook addiction. Unsure :thinking:

I’m glad you’ve embraced audiobooks and I hope you enjoy コーヒーが冷めないうちに! It was so chill to listen to on walks. If you end up enjoying it there’s 3 audiobooks I think.


Let’s all agree it is the normal amount.

I’m mostly listening during my commute, so it seems like I can’t really change anything about it either. I wonder how the holiday season is going to affect that number…

Reコーヒーが冷めないうちに, I love the atmosphere of the shop. I can understand the criticism I heard about the drama being a bit cheap, but honestly that’s exactly what I am looking for right now (and it makes for a low stakes listening too, which is great). So, I am having a good time, but I am confused as to how many stars I would give the book. :joy:


December 3 & 4

Watched the remaining 2 (I think) episodes of Mob Psycho live action, 4 episodes of Akebi-chan (finished) and listened to a bunch of live stream/VTuber stuff although not very focused.

Probably going to continue with the Animal Crossing YT videos and kinda want to try out listening to an audiobook. Maybe Penguin Highway. I’ve read the book a while ago so it might be easier to understand something :thinking:


:sound: 12月04日
YUYUの日本語Podcast , Vol. 51-52.


Dec 4, Sun of Week 10 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I watched a little more on ~によって, covering many probabilities of this verb. (Well, probably 2 distinct JJ dict entries.)

In Japanese, van Gogh is Goho, da Vinci is Vinch, Steve Jobs is Jobz. (tbf, the last one is just real pronunciation / phonetics -wise.)


Joining in just for the off-month! I’m coming in right off of finishing the fall read every day challenge. I technically started the listen every day challenge on the first of December, but didn’t have time to make an official post until now :sweat_smile:.

Week 48
Week 49
Week 50
Week 51
Week 52

= Japanese
= Japanese and Spanish

As usual, I’m trying to listen to something in both Japanese and Spanish every day!

What I'm listening to in Spanish:

I tried watching the Spanish show Elite (with Spanish subtitles), thinking that since it was in a high school setting, it’d be easier, but as it turns out, there’s a lot of violence and sex and drugs and stuff, which my vocabulary (which has so far come from reading children’s books…) is not very well-equipped to deal with, and on top of that, Castilian Spanish is harder for me :sweat_smile:. So I think I’m saving this show until later!

Instead, I started watching Frontera Verde, which is a Columbian crime drama. Happy to report that even though this show also includes murder, the Spanish is a lot easier for me! This show also includes indigenous languages like Tikuna and Huitoto, which I have no familiarity with, but I haven’t had too much trouble following the Spanish subtitles.

So, my current plan is to finish Frontera Verde, then look for another show. I’ll also possibly supplement with podcasts. I’m still listening to the Duolingo podcast, but I think it’s below my level now, so I might try finding another podcast to listen to.

What I'm listening to in Japanese:

This will surprise no one, but almost entirely pro wrestling! These days, I mainly watch DDT Pro Wrestling and Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, as far as Japanese wrestling goes, so those companies will probably be mostly what I’m listening to.

I’m still translating TJPW stuff, so a lot of my more dedicated listening practice (as opposed to passive immersion while I’m watching a show live) is the backstage interviews after the shows, which I also have transcripts of. I’m still pretty reliant on the transcripts to understand anything, but I do have occasional breakthroughs, and I’m getting better all the time!


Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th

Teppi in the supermarket (with a better shopping list the disruption to the grocery shop is minimalized) and then a load of JLPT listening drills.
Sunday, I went to London for JLPT N5 so Teppi and Listening drills on the way. I guess I can count the listening section of the exam as part of my listening for the day! On the way home on the train I started watching terrace house on netflix with Japanese subs on. How much do I understand? mmm maybe 10% of whats going on but it’s surprisingly enjoyable. I just wish I got the jokes that the studio people were making as it’s making them really laugh - I find myself chuckling along despite it all.
I think by the end of episode 2 the three girls are all saying that they fancy the sweaty baseball jock.

Oh the listening section of the test was a disaster and I hope I did enough to scrape a pass. Really disappointing given all the practice but I guess I just have to think that without it, it would have been a definite fail!


:sound: 12月05日
YUYUの日本語Podcast , Vol. 53.


December 2-4 :arrow_forward:
December 5 :arrow_forward: :headphones:

Just a quick update: I’ve been doing some simple listening every day, following origami instructions as part of the Japanese advent calendar activities. The origami videos are great for my confidence, as I understand nearly 100% with no trouble. Of course the vocabulary is limited and the voice slow and clear, and there’s visual aids throughout, but it still makes me low-key happy.

Today, I also listened to about 20 minutes of audiobook while reading along. It’s funny how my brain needs a second to catch up. I listen to one sentence, pause in order to read it carefully because I feel I missed stuff, then before I even start reading I suddenly understand it. It’s like I have a slow processor. I need an upgrade. It doesn’t happen with all sentences of course, a tiny few I understand without pausing, and for most of them I still need to read and look things up, but it’s funny when it happens.


Dec 5, Mon of Week 11 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I watched Youtube episodes on ~によると/~によれば, 〜につれて/にしたがって and わりに/くせに, so I found these new Sensei’s.

I also finished an episode of Pokemon. What would happen if Rocket steal from a truly strong (unofficial gym leader).

I also listened a little into かがみの孤城, January. Comprehension does work, but I have to focus a lot, and I can really understand the content. (What? Ex-castle meet-up?)


Didn’t write my reflection on this challenge. I guess I realized its much easier for me to get listening practice than it is for reading. I am surrounded by Japanese speakers so it just sort of happens. I try to pick up what they say, but its harder for me to seek out stuff I am actually trying to enjoy. During the challenge I thought I had set myself up for consistency by having JoJo as like a background goal, but actually I got so caught up in this season of Anime, I almost never don’t have something I need to watch or get caught up on. So it was a success! But I failed the JoJo element of this challenge.

EDIT: I did finish up to Part 2! That is pretty good. Part 3 is stupid long though. Maybe I can binge it during the winter.


Not much yesterday. A couple of Teppi episodes on the dog walk and then about 10 minutes of Terrace house which is probably not teaching me anything much other than casual language (but still enjoyed it)


:sound: 12月06日
さくら通信 ー 第12回放送 「中国」
さくら通信 ー 第15回放送 「死後の世界」

Bit of a change today. I wasn’t fully paying attention sometimes so probably missed like half of it… but there’s that.


Dec 6, Tue of Week 11 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I watched Youtube episodes on ~としたら/~とすれば/~とすると/~としても, たとえ〜(past formて)も. Actually I tried to search on 仮に, but found no direct results. (I found it being used today, anyway.)

I watched half an episode of Pokemon, about school. Then 4 episode of Death Note with JP sub. Half of them are what I forgot I watched, but lead to the latter half. Now catch-up with the reading.

I listened to 2 episodes of Learn Japanese with Noriko podcast.

Well, a lot of commuting time today.


December 5 & 6

Sometimes really hard to remember what I watched/listened to a day later. I know I watched some drama and an episode of anime but that’s about it. I didn’t do a lot but definitely a bit more than that. Probably a few random shorter Youtube videos. :thinking:
I thought about writing down the time spent again, but last time I did that it felt like a bother and I was always watching the clock. So I’m quite happy I don’t do that anymore.

I think I did listen to a couple of Teppei podcasts as well. They’re pretty nice and clear, I just wish he’d get a better microphone or at adjust his setting a bit. I constantly go back and forth between turning volume up and down because there’s such a huge difference from one moment to the other it’s really bothering.

Though it made me realize again how a lot harder it is for me to focus on listening material that doesn’t have any or barely any visuals. Same in English. I just need something to put my eyes on that’s connected to what I hear or I zone out. Even more quickly so when I don’t understand much or anything. :sweat_smile:


Not saying you should record your time, but if you ever feel the desire to do that again, maybe it helps you to know that I’m using a tool to record my reading time: https://app.clockify.me/ I have set up each of my books as a project, and to record the time, I just start a timer (and stop it again when I’m done). It also has a nice dashboard, if you’re into these things.


I actually watched this yesterday and forgot to post:

I didn’t understand everything (…not sure I even know all those words in English) but I got the main gist of what he was saying and his recommendations on which ones to use where. He kind of reminds me of the English channel Technology Connections in which I also don’t understand all the words, but I get the drift and it’s entertaining :joy: