List of Kanji to use with KanjiStudy

There was a topic previously which had a list of all kanji’s on WK. The kanji’s were space separated and the kanji’s of one level were in one line. This format can be directly used with the KanjiStudy app. Now after the update, since some kanji’s moved from one level to another, can someone compile a new list? Or maybe tell me how to do it and I’ll do it.

Thanks o/

is it worth the trouble? only 5 or so kanji moved around

I realised this after sometime, do you know which kanji’s changed?

僕 changed from 48 to 12 or so i’ve been told. i can’t verify it though.

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OMG NOOO :scream::scream:

Learning 僕 while nearly finishing WK was a memeのに :sob:

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they’re on a meme全滅trip now. no more memes. just dreams.

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Yes, 僕 it’s in level 12 now. And 私 to 6

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I literally learnt it about two days ago via FloFlo (I think?) and was like “heh heh I will know this one so well by the time it comes up in WK MUAH HAHAHAHA” and then it got added to my lesson queue yesterday :sob:


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