I know around 50 beginner kanji already, any way to skip?

Ive learned around 50 kanji already in other apps/programs and Im interested to start here in the hopes of being able to hold on for longer, but Id really dislike to have to do all the beginner ones again…

Any way to skip?

Nope. But you’ll get through them pretty quickly anyway


Guess Ill try, thanks

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50 are like 1.5 levels, so not really worth it. You’ll get to ease yourself in to WK at least.


hello, welcome.
do you know the meaning and readings ?

No, and because of how wani-kani teaches vocab, I think it would be vital to learn the radicals and kanji here, as the mnemonics for vocab rely heavily on the mnemonics wanikani uses for the kanjii


I would say it better so you can read funny menomonics :slight_smile:

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I know the meanings but less readings
I guess Ill just have to sit through the beginning. I can see why it’s important to build it up and connect everything you learn.

I cannot see why I have to wait to be able to go on if I just finished a list which I already all knew.

But Ill be patient and find out if this is the method for me, thanks :slight_smile:

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You can check the kanji per level to get a rough idea of when you’ll encounter something you don’t know yet. Check vocab per level, as well! Since WK is not strictly ordered by JLPT level kanji, and certainly not vocab (though N5 kanji are slightly frontloaded, by virtue of those also being mostly the less complicated ones).

If you keep up with the SRS timings and make little mistakes, you can finish the first two levels in a week and a half or less, I think. Chances are you’ll have learned something new by then.

Plenty of people on this site have started WK with quite a lot of prior knowledge already, but have found enough use out of it to push through the ‘easy’ lower levels and get to the harder stuff later on!

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Alright call me motivated , thanks :slight_smile:

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