Lifetime Sale (Test) for the next few hours!

So… if I would have had a subscription for 3 years… my proration would still be $6,90 in total?

So on the subscription page, when you click on ‘get lifetime’, it should go to one of the variation pages. Is it not going to one of the variation pages for you?

And yes, that’s not a bug that you don’t see the prorated price. That only gets calculated when you go to the checkout page.

I have been anxiously waiting for this! I upgraded and pro-rated monthly subscription was calculated correctly. Thank you!

It did take me a minute to figure out how to set a payment method to “default” however. Since I initially only had one payment method, I thought it would be default, well, by default :slight_smile:

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Well, that’s a bug then. It stays on that page. Using Safari 15.2 on an M1 Mac.

Great, thanks for patiently waiting!

Right, because it’s a monthly plan that has been renewing. A 3 year subscription would be if you had paid for 3 years up front and purchased a 3-year plan (just an example, we don’t have 3 year plans). We only prorate what you’ve paid for already but haven’t used up yet.


Everything worked fine for me, other than the fact that the card I had listed was invalid (and after fixing that it worked).

I upgraded and all seems to have worked, the only strange thing is that this block now shows up which didn’t appear before when I was on yearly sub. Seems strange to list available plans when someone has an infinite subscription

worked great for me on the latest Chrome browser!

Lifetime :tada:

Yea i am actually getting this as well which is a bit confusing even though it shows me as a lifetime member

What is the URL you’re seeing this? The billing page?

this is what the entire page looks like after I upgraded

Great, thanks. Yeah that shouldn’t be showing up for you as a lifetime user. We’ll get that fixed.

I started WaniKani just 9 days ago and I was waiting for the lifetime membership, everything worked perfectly! A long journey begins! :grin:


ugh, I’m at school rn so I don’t have access to money and school won’t get out until about 6 hours after it ends.

Thanks for giving me a good excuse to pull the trigger on a lifetime subscription! The only glitch I ran into is it gave me an error that I had to “add a default payment method”, when I already had my card on file to pay for monthly. Going into my payment settings I had to explicitly mark it as “default” (despite that it was the only payment method) in order for the upgrade to go through.

I was a little confused why only having one payment method on file wouldn’t automatically be the default to begin with.

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The sale will officially start next week for a lot longer than just a few hours like today!

I know, I just really wanted it sooner.

How long will the official sale run? Past xmas day?

It’ll run until end of January 5th (although price still might be available early Jan.6, depending on your timezone).

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The prompts and directions for updating my payment method to “default” were straightforward enough even if the need to do so is not intuitive.