Level noticing

So here’s a thought for you all…

Do you ever notice, when looking at your lessons, that you must have the entire level left in those lessons?

I’ll look at the lessons that I have left to do and realize that I must have the entire remains of this level sitting in those 80+ lessons that I need to do.

… No, I can’t ever say that I have.


I think @rabite30 is saying you have to do lessons to level up. If that’s true, it explains a couple of things. :thinking:


No. Sometimes I look at the lessons and just know that the remaining lessons encompass the rest of the level.

I was not being serious.

Trying to figure out when this wouldn’t be the case. When you magically get future levels lessons in advance?

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It can be the remainder of the current level or the remainder of past levels.

Not going to lie I’m not 100% sure what the topic actually is.

I think they’re saying that sometimes when they level up it’s seemingly as if they immediately have all the vocab for the level waiting for them in the lesson pile, rather than only getting a batch of it at first and the rest later?
I could be wrong though.

this is a bizarre question. are you sure you don’t have 420+ lessons left to do?

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Positive. I looked at my lesson stack for this level. 86 or so, and knew it was the rest of the level. Now I sit at 180 or so reviews and know I was right.

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