I can never get ahead on Lessons. What am I doing wrong?

I try to do 10-15 lessons a day when I hit a new level, but recently it seems like every time I complete 5 lessons, 10 new ones appear. It got so bad that I leveled up before I finished the huge pile of lessons from the last level. I ended up with a pile of like 250 lessons. I eventually got it down to about 35, only for it rise up to 70 again, with a level-up approaching again soon. I do all my reviews every day and never skip.

Why does this happen and how do i fix it?


This implies you’re using a reorder script. So it sounds like you should stop using that.

You get more lessons when you guru kanji. So if you reorder to prioritize kanji too much, you’ll unlock lessons a lot faster, both from guru’ing the kanji and from leveling up itself. If you follow WaniKani’s default ordering instead of using a reorder script, you’ll never have that many outstanding lessons at once.

If you really don’t want to use WaniKani’s default ordering, please give more details about how you’re reordering your lessons and I (or someone else) can better give recommendations.


I have not altered WaniKani in any way. I do it exactly the way it came.

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If you stop doing lessons you eventually run out of new items to make more lessons. Though obviously there’s some inertia to it, it will take a while before you exhaust all the items that can make more lessons. But it can’t grow indefinitely, so you probably reached the maximum or close to it. I agree with seanblue that it seems hard to do without prioritizing kanji, but at this point it seems moot.


When I have a lot of lessons and I am feeling overwhelmed I focus on doing vocab lessons since lose will not unlock new lessons. Lets me knock down that number without worrying about more coming down as I guru things.

I do the same when I am about to level up. I’ll deliberately keep myself from passing the level up threshold on the kanji. I’ll clear through enough vocab so that I’ll be comfortable with the pile of new lessons that come with a new level.


In that case, you’re not doing anything wrong. See the rest of my previous post explaining how and when you get new lessons. As Leebo said, the number of lessons can’t go up indefinitely (since you only get new lessons for the reasons I previously mentioned), so it’s nothing to worry about.


Hello, excuse me, how can I do only vocab reviews?

Fix what? I don’t see anything wrong here.

If you look at your App Settings, there should be a setting for lesson order. Make sure that is still set to: level, then type.

After you level up, radicals and kanji and vocab for the new level get unlocked, but you also still have vocab lessons from the previous level in your queue. Using the above setting will ensure you only get the previous level vocab, until you have gone through them all, and reach the radicals for the current level.

Before I started using @seanblue’s Lesson Filter userscript, I would play around with this setting, by changing the setting to random, after I finished the radical lessons. I like to mix the kanji up with the vocab.


As the others have said - you are not doing anything wrong and there’s nothing inherently bad about having lessons available to do. It may feel like they’re piling up and you’re barely keeping up but remember that if you slow down they will start coming in slower too.

If the number itself bothers/demotivates you then there are scripts you can install which will hide that number or display it as 0 if you want. Just proceed with the assumption that there are always more lessons available and you can do them at whatever pace you like.

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Levels 5-10 are also the largest levels in WaniKani, with sometimes 180+ lessons per level. That tapers off as the levels progress to 150-160 and towards the end the levels are more like 130-140 items each.
Just keep doing lessons as you are, there’s no issue with having a large stack of to-do lessons.

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Keep up that pace of lessons and it’ll be reviews that you get buried by instead in the future. ;p If you set the lesson order to random it’ll stop it from dumping nothing but kanji in your face (which is what creates new lessons) and makes it a bit more interesting imo (when you don’t know what you’re gonna get).

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